Sunday, August 30, 2015

Just an update

My boss pushed me too far and blatantly discriminated against me in an illegal way. I have the papers to prove the illegality of it. I made a formal complaint with the Board and am now awaiting the decision. The last two people who filed complaints were fired. The Board doesn't know I have a newspaper reporter who followed my boss several years ago and has tons of interviews about how badly he bullied some teachers at his old school before he was forced to resign.

I haven't been posting because my anxiety/depression has become overwhelming and I am struggling to keep one foot in front of the other. Hopefully I will be back to blogging soon.

Send me good thoughts, please.


Becky said...

Good thoughts your way, and towards the reporter as well. Hope it all gets taken care of in a timely way, with the Board's favor to you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Been reading your blog for ages,you sound alot like me.. ready to fight at a moment's notice. Don't put up with crap, stand your ground.. sending good thoughts your way.

Stay in the fight and keep strong.