Sunday, February 1, 2015

Stuck in the middle again....

I live in a little town where the streets are laid out on a grid pattern. They're old-fashioned city blocks. Everyday I walk my dog. For the longest time I have not been able to walk my dog to the left because that would mean engaging Drunken Neighbor who lives on the corner and sits outside all day drinking. It only makes sense that I would stick to the right.

Tuesday, as I was walking my dog, we were 3 houses down from my home when I saw an arm opening the door of a second story apartment building. A large, black and white pit bull charged down the steps and was upon my dog as I was still screaming, "Wait, I'm out here with my dog!" The pit grabbed my dog's neck as I screamed and jerked the Raptor's body out from under him. This left his belly exposed. The pit started to reach for his belly and I guess my dog got in one good bite because the pit's owner told us there was a wound on the pit's neck and the dog never made contact with his stomach. My dog wears a harness when he walks so I started lifting him up by his harness, trying to get him away from the pit. The pit took my dog's entire lower leg in his mouth and started pulling away from me as hard as he could. I was screaming for help all this time and I had to tear my dog's leg to get him out of the pit's mouth. There is a small park right next to where I live and there were contract workers in the park listening to all this and not one of them came to my aid.

I have never in my life had a flight response. I am all fight. For the first time in my life I truly did not know what to do. I was completely alone fighting off this 100 pound dog who was taller than me when it lunged up. No one was coming from my screaming and I couldn't use my hands to call on my phone because I was fighting for my dog's life. I was completely helpless and I was losing the fight but I couldn't run away and leave my dog to die, either.

Suddenly a man in a small pickup truck pulled up and opened his car door. I think he actually hit the pit's face which made it back up. He told me to throw my dog in the bed of the truck. By this time another neighbor finally came out and dragged the pit bull back upstairs. The man drove me the 2 houses to my car. The woman who had returned the dog said the owner wasn't home and the boys in the apartment "didn't know how the dog got out." I very clearly remember yelling, "I WATCHED THEM LET IT OUT AND I AM CALLING 911!"

The Raptor had to have emergency surgery. His paw had 4 large gashes to the bone and punctured pad. I sat in the Animal Hospital shaking uncontrollably at what I had just been through. Surely I wasn't right that those boys had purposely let the dog out. Why didn't the park workers at least call 911? What in the world had just happened?

Hubby talked to the dog's owner who had agreed to pay all of our dog's medical bills and she threw the boys out of her apartment, admitting they were bad seeds and she wouldn't put letting the dog out purposely past them. To say I am traumatized is an understatement. My lead teacher was out sick all week so I had to continue to go to work and function as normally as I could, but I am a mess. I am afraid to walk my dog. I am afraid of strangers in the park next to our house in case they are the kids who got kicked out. I am afraid for the next bad thing to happen since I have so much crap being heaped on me.

How can people be so cruel?

The Raptor is healing. He wouldn't let me near him for two days since I had been the one who hurt him and I was screaming the entire time. He is going to be okay but I think, in all honesty, it is back to therapy for me. I just can't wrap my head around this and with Drunken Neighbor to the left of me and the pit bull to the right, I am just stuck in the middle again.

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evilsloth4 said...

I've just started reading from Nov. 15, and up. Follow your gut instinct and maybe set up security cameras. Being furious had made me really sick... I'm following .