Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Just in Case Stick

Hubby has been doing some volunteer work for our local police station. It has taken a while but he is slowly breaking through the solid blue wall and getting the officers comfortable with him. The police chief is a church member, so after all of the struggles we had with Drunken Neighbor, we finally asked for a favor. A file has been started on this man and the hope is to get him sent away to jail (he is also a drug dealer).

Several weeks ago Drunken Neighbor was caught by the police just a few feet from E's window (inside our fenced yard). 4 officers responded to my 911 call. 2 stayed with the DN and 2 were sent to talk to me. It was 11 o'clock at night and Hubby was not home. It was 35 degrees out and I was standing in my bathrobe on my front porch with my teeth chattering.

One of the officers sent to talk to me was a 15 year veteran of the force who has lived on the island all his life. He was a stereotypical Italian cop. His partner was a rookie, only on the force for a few months. As I was standing outside talking to the cops, the rookie slowly kept backing away from me. I wasn't yelling, I wasn't threatening anyone, I was just telling my side of the story. I kept seeing him take one step, then another away from me and I really couldn't figure out why.

When the cops left, E and I went back inside and she said, "Mom, you went all Mother Bear out there!" I asked her what that meant and she said, "You were really scary!"

"But I was totally calm. I was perfectly polite. I wasn't scary," I told her. She agreed that I was quiet, but she said when I had that intense quiet was when I was my scariest of all.

A week later I was talking to the police chief about the events that night and he told me the officers had a new found respect for my husband. Anyone who could face my wrath and live to tell the tale was all right in his book. Apparently the Italian cop went back and told the chief he doesn't know why anyone would want to make me mad. He figured if he left me alone in the room with DN I would take care of the problem myself. I had intimidated a lifetime cop.

I quickly pointed out to the chief that I had very specifically stayed on an even keel that night. I would never, ever take the law in my own hands outside of my home, but we do have a PVC pipe under our bed just in case this man tries to enter our house. If he does, he and his kneecaps will be parting ways and the officers will learn just how scary I can be.

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