Thursday, July 3, 2014

Spirits in the Coves

I think it is safe to say I have had my fair share of paranormal happenings. I have witnessed the wolf creatures at Old Man's Cave in Ohio, communicated with murder victims, seen shadow figures and interacted with ghostly presences. I occasionally deliver messages and have prophetic dreams. All of these things I have learned to take in stride. What I haven't learned to cope with is residual energy.

I know, it seems silly. Here I spent months being haunted by women victimized by a serial killer and yet, stand-alone incidences of essentially paranormal photographs are what freak me out.

Every year my little trio of family pack our bags and head into the mountains to meet Hubby's parents and his brother's family. One year it was Tennessee, one year it was Georgia, one year it was South Carolina and this year it was North Carolina. While I like the mountains, I find the "aura" there very disturbing. Here on my little island I have learned to filter and block the every day stuff, but for some reason, I can't shield myself in the mountains.

This year we rented a cabin about 2 miles off the beaten path and right on the side of a mountain. To get there we had to drive down into a cove and then up. I hate cove's. HATE THEM!!! Several years ago I went through Cade's Cove. Everyone else talked about how peaceful and how beautiful it was out there. Not me. I spent the entire day trying to ignore images of long gone people. Not interacting, just images. I thought it was just that particular place until this trip. To get to our cabin we had to drive down the mountain, through a cove and back up the mountain.

At the bottom of this cove was an active homestead house that looked to be well over 100 years old. It was extremely well taken care of and very charming, but it was filled with images. There were so many images that I actually became disoriented as to what was real and what was not. At one point, I looked out into a field and saw a large, white-haired man wearing overalls, a t-shirt and a red bandanna using a sickle to beat back the bushes. I instantly turned to Hubby and said, "You see him too, don't you?" Hubby did, but that is how much a cove can trick me. I mean, who actually uses sickles anymore?

I don't know why coves are so active. Maybe they are just active to me. All I know is I think I would end up on some sort of psychotropic medicine if I moved to the mountains.


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