Saturday, July 19, 2014

Checking in on my Summer Bucket List

A few months ago I printed my summer bucket list. That list included learning how to make homemade ice cream. I thought that I would purchase my own ice cream maker, but then I decided to borrow some friends' ice cream maker, just in case. What I have discovered is making home made ice cream is a little like buying a chicken in Tijuana (Designing Women reference). First you have to soak the bucket, then you have to chill the canister. Next you have to make the base. Then you have to chill the base. Eventually you have to fill the bucket with ice and salt, but not before you crush the ice. Then you finally get to turn on the machine, but you have to watch it every 15 minutes to fill it with MORE hand-crushed ice until...finally...after buying salt and ingredients and spending several hours making this, you have 3 servings of ice cream. Needless to say, I was thankful for friends who own every kitchen appliance known to man so that I could learn that, while I will check this off my bucket list, I won't be purchasing a maker anytime soon. At least now I won't grumble at the cost of good ice cream.

I have slowly but surely been learning to play my guitar. Full disclosure, I purchased a Chord Buddy and have been going through the steps. I know, I know, that's the wimp's way out. But the truth of the matter is, I have owned and sold, owned and sold and owned again, a guitar several times in my life. I may be a great teacher, but I am a lousy student. I knew if I was ever really going to learn, I needed a way to cheat. So far I am doing okay. I can play several songs, however, the Chord Buddy only lets you play songs in the key of G and that is not quite in my singing range. I have had some setbacks, for example, when my husband asked me if I was playing "Holy, Holy, Holy" and I yelled back, "RING OF FIRE!!!!" But, as long as I get there, right?

I have been teaching my daughter to cook. She has made black beans and yellow rice with cheese and pineapple salsa, pork chops and apple slaw AND she made an awesome french toast one night. We tried to make bread during the hurricane, but that was an oops and we are going to try again one rainy day.

I am making the Red Hot Cinnamon pickles this week, although, sadly, my garden has been slow to produce. I have gotten full size vegetables (last year I only managed to grow miniature things), but I get a cucumber and a tomato or two at a time. Enough to use in my meals, but not enough to jar.

So I have one more month of summer vacation. I am working on an upcycled coiled t-shirt rug and E is making a fringe rug, but other than that I am pretty much trying to stay out of trouble.

Oh yeah, I did accidentally dye my hair a goth black. It was horrible. So today, after the ice cream is finally ready, I am going to attempt to dye it back to a more natural light brown. Wish me luck!

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