Sunday, March 23, 2014

What's Down There?

I have always heard the saying that sex sells. So straight out of the gate this time, let's talk about sex.

I love reading. I would rather read than do almost anything else. And I will read anything that can hook me with either the flow of the words or a good strong character. Books that teach me things, or challenge me with 10 dollar words or have two characters with that maddening passion that very few people ever experience, call my name even if they are poorly written.

When I was 20 (back in 1990), I read the Earth Children series by Jean Auel for the first time. I love early human history. I can ramble on and on about Homo Habilis and Australopithicus and such. For what ever flaws the books have, Auel did a heck of a lot of research and you can learn a lot from reading them. But back when I was 20, I have to admit it was one of the first books I read that had such graphic sex. I was a late bloomer and had never HAD sex, nor did I watch porn movies and the internet was still a far way off, so, well, I was kind of innocent. Every time she wrote a sex scene (which she called Pleasures), she always wrote about the female characters throbbing knob. It popped up everywhere, every time (pun intended).

I was not so naive that I hadn't heard about a g-spot or a clitoris, but for some reason I assumed they were the same thing. In my head I kind of pictured this little balloon-like organ suddenly peeking its head out of the folds of my "flower" and saying "Peekaboo!" Only that never happened to me. Was I some sort of asexual anomaly?

As I began to come out of my shell and have more mature sexual experiences, things seemed to work all right with everything down there and I began to forget the images the book put in my head. After all, this was the 90's. Maybe 70's sex was totally different and hazy.

Flash forward to this past month. Several years ago the last book in the series was published and I read it as a stand alone book. I remember being really disappointed in it, but we are getting ready to teach early humans to my school kids and I thought it would be good to read the series again just for background info. Once again I was reading about all of these things the character experienced, including the damn knobby thing.

I just couldn't take it anymore. I had to know where this knob was and why I didn't seem to possess it so I went to the source of most of my sexual experiences, my Hubby. I told my husband about my dilemma and asked him where this knob was on me because I sure didn't think I had one like everyone else. I thought my husband was going to choke. I totally came out of left field with the question and he kind of stuttered. Then he began questioning if our sex life for the past 20 years was all just a lie since I was even asking. (Isn't that just like a man?) But that wasn't it. I am not complaining about our sex life, I have never had issues, I just didn't understand the fold imagery. That kind of settled him down and we began to have a very technical discussion about sex and body parts and such.

What I discovered is that I am okay, I knew where everything was even if it didn't work the way Auel wrote it, and that I can still surprise Hubby after 20 years together.

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