Saturday, March 22, 2014

Well Hello There

Has it really been almost two years since I wrote on this blog? Wow. Two years. So much has happened. I hope everyone out there is doing well. I am. I know you are surprised to see me back, but I really miss writing. I need a creative outlet so I decided to return for me.

Things are good here. E is 12. Can you believe it? She is currently starring in her middle school musical. She has been taking part in the school shows for two years and insists I have no part whatsoever in the theater. I respect that because she wants to know she is getting cast because of her own talent, not because of me. She also has friends, lots of them, including a BFF that has stood by her for our entire time here. She is happy and involved and that makes me happy.

Hubby is good. He really loves this church. We live at the end of a major interstate and all the crazies dump out here, but they are good-hearted crazies and it doesn't hurt that we live 4 blocks from the ocean.

I am good. I am back to working in a Montessori elementary school. I have given up theater for a while. I needed some drama free time. I have stayed very uninvolved in the church. I attend and sometimes I sing, but that is about it. Even when Hubby talks to me about things that are church related, I just listen and hold my tongue. I have learned that with him and his job, it is better to be an ear and let him do his job without my influence.

I gave up Diet Coke and everything apartame. It is amazing. 90% percent of my pain problems were coming from it. And apparently so were some of my weight issues. As of this week, I have officially lost 30 pounds. I work out 5 days a week and love it. I feel so much younger than I have felt in years.

So I went through and deleted most of the posts about CountryTime. From hence forward it shall be the time that shall not be named. This blog is no longer about negative things. I have spent the past several years learning to be less reactive and more positive. People who know me in real life always mention how much better I seem and I intend to keep it that way. But I do miss writing, especially funny things. So here I am. I want to share the good things, the silly things, the positive things, the questionable things. I will still tell paranormal tales, I will still give my skewered opinion and I will still use by sardonic wit. I won't talk about too much to do with my job because of privacy issues. I will probably tell congregational tales, but I never again want to have to sort through 417 posts to remove things that might get me in trouble. So some of you may find me boring. And that's okay. Boring isn't necessarily bad. But as I said, I need a creative outlet and I miss writing.

So just to give you a head's up, tomorrow will be a discussion on reading The Earth Children series as a 20 year old and a then again as a 43 year old. Pleasures. SMH.

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