Sunday, October 9, 2011

Give Thanks

October is Pastor Appreciation Month.  Have you appreciated your pastor yet?  I have.  ;)

So here's to my Hubby

To the man who steers a ship that has at least 14 wannabe captains and a set full of oars that no one really wants to row but everyone insists his or her way of rowing is the best.

To the man who answers the phone in the middle of the night and disappears to sit at the sick bed of a parishioner or to give the last rites to comfort the dying soul of a friend of the family of a church member.

To the man who (without complaint) drives 200 miles roundtrip to perform a wedding for the daughter of a church member and receives only a day old flower arrangement for pay.  (Okay, so I complain about it, but he never says a word to these people.)

To the man who must pray with and for the people who would rather quote religious verses than actually live out their gospel and who must smile and keep silent when the Almost Christians in our church start throwing stones at those they don't approve of instead of inviting them in to hear the Word.

To the man who can put the shazaam into communion and turn the bread into the body, because no, not just any pastor is allowed to do that.

And finally, to the man who answered a call and never falters in his convictions when the lines get fuzzy and the roar of the crowds try to block out that small still voice he answers to everyday.  And sometimes that maddening roar is coming from me, but still he puts one foot in front of the other and does the best he can with what he has been given.

I love you and appreciate you Hubby.  Happy Pastor Appreciation Month.