Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sick Day

I am staying home again from my preschool job because even though I am on my third day of antibiotics, I am still sick.  My strep throat is getting better, but I think I also had some nasty chest cold that was being masked by it.  I have never taken this much time off, not even when I had pneumonia.  But I don't want to get pneumonia again, so I am taking time off.  Vicious circle.

I haven't been able to sleep at night.  I try, but the congestion is killing me and keeping Hubby awake.  My house is so small I can't go into the living room and watch tv because it will wake E and I can't stay in bed because it keeps Hubby from sleeping, so I have been going into our tiny office, closing the doors and surfing the net.  Have you ever surfed the net at 3:00 AM?

First, I have found, no one is on FB at 3:00 AM.  I suppose that's good.  But it is so addictive, I would keep checking just in case.  Then I would stalk people and look at their photos and info pages.  Finally, I searched through ALL the friends it recommended I friend and decided to play 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon with my potential FB friends.  First you have to check through all the recommendations and find the celebrities.  But it can't be their public page, it has to be their personal page or it ruins the fun.  I think everyone has a friend who has a friend who knows someone.

In my case FB recommended I friend Andrea Bendewald (courtesy of Chrysalis who really is her friend).  I went to this site and entered her name.  Shazaam!  She was in Picture Perfect with him so I won.  Next I tried Nathan Fillion (damn Stoney Westmoreland) and again, shazaam, they were in Super.  Again I won.  But then I was sad.  I typed in Celia Rivenbark.  I know she is a writer but I thought maybe, just maybe her tv appearances would link her.  Alas, I lost.  Sadly I lost one more time when I tried Dan Knechtges.  He was the Tony award winning choreographer I went to school with.  Again, no match.  But may I say, of all the people in the world I went to school with, he is NOT the person I thought would make it.  He was an awkward little guy, kind of socially backwards and a little shy.  Look at him now, who knew?

Anywho, then I started watching 80's music videos.  I watched all of the Alarm videos!  I loved Mike Peters.  I also watched some Nik Kershaw, Limahl and very young U2 at Red Rocks.  Oh the hair!  I also watched snippets of Moonlighting.  Now that I am older and more worldly I see just how much that show stole from famous writers.  They pull scenes directly out of Neil Simon plays and pay homage to Danny Kaye's Court Jester.  But it still stands the test of time.  I loved Bruce Willis then (not so much now).

Lastly I stared at those encrypted notes the FBI put out yesterday.  I stared at them for a long time but I got nothing.  Nothing!  By this time it was time for E to get up.  I waited until she went to school and then I went back to bed.  I should also mention that I have been watching Doors documentaries.  When I finally got to sleep I had all of these weird dreams.  One had a voice in my head saying, "This is your life" as I saw glass doors opening and then saw an old Super 8 film of things I had seen in "When You are Strange."  Bizarre.  (although I would highly recommend the movie Sliding Doors/Glass Doors? with Gwyneth Paltrow.)

I am sure this is all more than you wanted to know, but I am bored and lonely and decided to blog today.  Lucky you!


Bubblewench said...

Yeah for the blog!! Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

I always read your blog. You are unique and refreshing - hope you get better soon.