Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pride Goeth Before the Fall


If you are squeamish and choose to read this post, I cannot be held responsible for your heebie jeebies or possible vomiting.

In November I went for my annual eye check and discovered that, truthfully, my age has caught up with my eyes.  I cannot see things that are incredibly close to me.  I should have gotten bifocals, but I was too proud and not ready to admit that I needed them.  Of course, I wear contacts most of the time and was wearing them today, so I am not sure that the incident that occured today could have been prevented by anything but me being more alert.

I also woke up at 4:00 AM this morning having had nightmares after watching a scary X-File from season 2 about child possession.  Shows and movies on demonic possession scare the hell out of me (no pun intended).  But I watched it anyway.  Which led to nightmares, which led to to me being very tired today and not quite on top of my game.

It was my turn to sing today for both church services.  After my songs were done for the second service, I walked out of the sanctuary before Hubby started preaching.  E followed me out as well as another woman who had sung for both services.  We walked over to a small table in the foyer that had chairs on either side.  On the table is a fake floral arrangement with several long reeds that look like 18 inch skewers, just slightly thinner.  I bent down to put my music binder on the table not realizing the close proximity of the "reeds.'

The next thing I knew I felt this mild pain but couldn't see anything out of my left eye.  I straightened my body wondering what I had done when I noticed out of my right eye that I could see the long end of a skewer STILL ATTACHED TO MY BODY! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the skewer had gotten poked into my left eye!

For just a moment I panicked and wondered what to do.  I know you are supposed to leave things that have punctured you in...not pull them out and risk injuring yourself more.  But I was there with E and I didn't know how she would react seeing me with a foot and a half long stick hanging out of me.  I also wasn't in a huge amount of pain.  If this thing had actually punctured the orb itself, wouldn't it have hurt more?  I reached up and pulled it out.  It took a good 3 or 4 minutes for my sight to return to that eye and there is a red scrape mark, but I really don't seem much worse for wear.  The nearest I can figure is, amazingly, the reed must have traveled in a diagonal fashion and slid between the eye and the skin of the socket and gotten caught in that lower eye pocket.  Hubby disagrees and thinks it might have actually pushed in my eye.

I don't wasn't like I was going to wait long enough to walk to a mirror and look.  Oh wait, I COULDN'T SEE!!!!  But anyway, that was my adventure for today.  Go ahead and laugh.  Eventually I did.


Anonymous said...

My husband is an eye doc, he says get it looked at as a precautionary measure. I hope you feel better!

/ dw

pam said...

please, get thee to a dr!!!

(just in case)

FreeDragon said...

I agree, get thee to a doctor, just in case there's a splinter still in there or something. I had my eye stratched and that hurt like hell, so maybe you didn't poke a stick into your eyeball. From your intro I was expecting something much worse, like a child's head spinning around.
Oooh- my word verification is encurse!

Bubblewench said...

OMG! I'm glad you're ok. I would still go to the eye doc though!