Friday, December 3, 2010

You put your right hand in....

I am a very active teacher with my two year olds.  I believe that they need to have "adult-free" playtime, but I also believe some guided playtime is extremely important.  Usually at the the end of their day we do yoga together.  Let me tell you, two year olds love "oga."  But sometimes I succumb and do normal things, such as sing the itsy bitsy spider song (which truly makes me want to poke my own eye out.)

I also refuse to wear expensive clothes to my class.  More often than not, my clothes attract hands with yellow paint all over them, or lovely green snot rockets (yes, I had to go there), and occasionally even the wet bottom where the diaper leaked.  It's just not worth it to wear anything fancy or not wash and wear.

So the other day I was wearing a pair of knit khaki colored capris that have become well-worn and a little too big.  As I was leading the kids in the hokey pokey I noticed all of them were holding their pant legs just above their knees.  It was the weirdest thing.  Why, I wondered,  would they be holding their pants?  But just then, as I went to put my left foot in, I discovered that I was holding my over-sized pant leg up...just above my knee. The kids were only imitating what they were seeing.

So know my husband calls those particular pants my "hokey pokey" pants.

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Bubblewench said...

That's too funny! Cute too. :0