Friday, December 10, 2010

Actual Conversation I Had Today

A woman I work with at the preschool is a Pentecostal.  She's very nice, but....according to her all Catholic people are going to hell and if you are not from the South you aren't worth spit.  This same woman just returned from a trip to Israel.  I kid you not, I worried just a little bit that I would hear about some international incident taking place and I would know whom to blame.

She returned to work today and I asked her how she enjoyed her trip.  She found it very fulfilling to walk where Jesus walked, but didn't like the food.  According to her it was all "fruits and vegetables, nothing but fruits and vegetables.  And for dinner they would bring you a salad with this dressing made from oil.  Then they would bring you a bowl of rice, no sauce, no gravy, no nothing.  I would sit there with this bowl of rice getting cold until they served the chicken.  And it wasn't fried either.  It was just plain grilled chicken that I had to mix with my plain cold rice just to give it some taste.  I couldn't even drink anything because they wouldn't give me any ice!  Even their desserts weren't sweet, just flaky.  I ate a lot of fries, just fries."

And after this conversation I had two thoughts in my head: No wonder America is the fattest nation in the world and no wonder most other countries hate us.  This woman just couldn't grasp that water is a fast disappearing commodity that some all countries need to conserve.  And that most people don't have the luxury of using precious things like flour and grease to make artery clogging gravy instead of stomach filling bread.

After our conversation we went to a gathering our school was having wherein every family brought a dozen cookies.  Two tables worth of cookies.  The irony was  not lost on me.


Erica said... To even turn your nose up at the fruit??? I also loved the "dressing made of oil." No ranch?? Oh the horror!

Grumpy Housewife said...

Oh, darn....fresh fruit and vegetables, and oil and vinegar salad dressing. Shucks. That's terrible.

Wait, I don't feel all that bad for her, mostly because I'm one of those hell-bound Catholics. And even though I am from the South, too much fried food is gross. As is too much gravy.

Bubblewench said...

I love Mideastern food. Would rather have that chicken and rice then fries! People are dumb.