Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Coming to the Light

I am often reluctant to talk about a certain time in my life because for those of you who know Columbus, you will be able to figure out quite easily what I am referring to.  But sometimes you have to come out of the darkness to put things behind you.

Before I met Hubby, when I was still young and wild, I was Lucy to a incredibly talented Schroeder. We acted together in a theater and more often than not, when I sang for the shows, he accompanied me.  We spent hours upon hours together, working out (which was required by our theater), rehearsing and just plain hanging out.  We could be found late at night at the German Village Max and Erma's or OSU's campus coffee place, Insomnia.  I was fascinated by his talent and his artistic...hmmm...how do I say this...aura?  No, that's not it....there was just something about him that was hard to fathom and I always wanted to break through into his musical world.  We were friends, but I always felt like he just allowed me to be in his presence.

When my brother died I received a small inheritance.  One day while I was sitting in my house with Schroeder (sorry, friend, but I couldn't call you any of the names you chose for yourself), I asked him if he wanted to go to the Grand Canyon.  It seems that he had always had the same great desire I had to see the Canyon and, amazingly enough, we had been granted a three day gift from our incredibly grueling rehearsal schedule.  I believe the theater's heater had caught on fire and had to be fixed, leaving the space unusable until it was repaired.  When he said yes, I got on the phone and booked us tickets to the GC and we were off.  To this day, I hold on to that trip like a precious jewel.  There was at least one time in my life when I was irresponsible and spontaneous.

Shortly after we returned from the Canyon, I started to sour on the theater company.  The man in charge was a megalomaniac who tortured young actors for fun.  We worked long hours for slave wages and there was a strange, almost polygamous relationship occuring between several key members of the company.  The polygamy didn't bother me, the power struggles that resulted from that relationship did.   The other acting company members worshiped the founder and Schroeder and I started to feel like we were outsiders.  Schroeder left the company first and I soon followed.  I ultimately left because the founder was leading us in an acting exercise and at the end he announced that he "was our God."  That was it for me, I left the next day.

Schroeder and I lost touch for several years.  One day I Googled his name and found him working in San Francisco.  I emailed the company and promised them I wasn't a stalker, but could they please have him contact me?  They did and we reconnected and then lost touch again.  Another year or two passed and we reconnected.  Recently Schroeder, who is now touring with a national musical, came to my state.  Not my area, but 4 hours away which wasn't too far to drive.  He invited me out and I went to see him for the first time in 16 years  Neither one of us thought I would actually show up, but I did.

To be continued....


RV Vagabonds said...

Leaving us hanging over the holiday? For Shame, Muddy!

Bubblewench said...

That's cool.