Monday, October 4, 2010

Words I Never Thought I Would Hear Hubby Say

After E turns in for the night, Hubby, the Raptor and I curl up in our bed and watch TV.  The raptor sleeps in his cage at night but is allowed to be with us until about 11:00 when we go to sleep.  As a result of being in our room, we occasionally eat in bed.

The other day Hubby's parents sent him a recipe for a Nasty-Assed pie that he wanted to try.  It was low fat and low sugar and very Southern.  Being the good wife, and since it only took 5 minutes, I agreed.  He got home late from a meeting, sliced himself a large piece and came to join me in bed.

Unfortunately, his coming to bed offset the dog's snuggly position next to me and the dog had to readjust his position.  As dogs do, the Raptor started circling into the pile of blankets.  Hubby, being the slow-reflexed man that he is, didn't notice the Raptor backing up to pull a cover.  Suddenly the dog was sitting IN the food.  Hubby jumped up swearing at the butt impression left on his slice of Nasty Ass pie.

I heard him swearing all the way to the kitchen as he got himself another slice.  Upon his return, he sternly looked at the dog and said, "Keep your ass out of my pie, dog!"


RV Vagabonds said...

Not a post to read as you are sipping coffee in the morning. *snort*

Wide Lawns said...

But what KIND of pie?? I need to know.