Saturday, September 18, 2010

You're Never Going to Believe Me

When I mentioned the chewing sound that accompanied the spirit in my room, I purposely left out one fact because, well, because it made me worry about my mental stability.  That's the thing about being do I know what's real and what's just maybe the bi-polar illness that runs in my family?

Anywho, the part I left out was that I always felt like there were hooves involved with the spirit.  It scared me because why would I be sensing hooves?  I don't believe in demons.  I don't even believe in hell, but the fact that I sensed an animal really scared me.

Tonight some church people took Hubby and I out for dinner and they were telling us the history of CountryTime.  Boy, do I have a lot to share with you, but since it is late, let me just share one of the things they told me.  A long time ago, maybe 80-100 years ago, a man took a boat full of children from the mainland to a small place called Goat Island.  I asked E's babysitter if she had ever heard of Goat Island and she confirmed its existence (she's been there on her boat.)  It is so-called that because at that time the only inhabitants of the island were goats.  He took the children over there and murdered them.  As the words were coming out of the woman's mouth my mind was screaming "GOATS!!!! OF COURSE!!!!"  It was a goat with the girl.  Now I can see her so clearly in mind and it all makes so much sense.  It wasn't the child was the goat!

Some time in the next couple of days I have got to tell you the secrets of CountryTime.  Dwarves, body parts, a top-secret CIA base and a fruit stand massacre.  Oh, it is all making so much sense now.

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FreeDragon said...

! Well stop at the most exciting part! Now I'll be checking your blog every few minutes. Can't wait.