Saturday, September 11, 2010


Our church, like many churches in America, has an announcement sign on the front lawn.  The message changes every week.  Sometimes it tells about an upcoming event, sometimes it holds a bible verse.  Occasionally it has a funny quip like "Get your faith lifted here."

On Thursday one of our long-time members passed away and her funeral is being held tomorrow.  Hubby received a call today from another member who felt the current message on the sign was completely inappropriate in lieu of the upcoming event.  Hubby thought for a moment and totally agreed with her and immediately called the man in charge of the sign.

What did the sign say?  "Don't let grass grow under your feet, it will grow over you soon enough!"


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Heh. I always enjoy the cute sayings on the various churches' outdoor signs. Thanks for sharing. Love the new blog background (sorry, I've been away for a while)