Thursday, September 16, 2010

Phonics at Work

I have a budding star in my theater.  No, seriously.  He's been shortlisted for Disney (and one reader goes AHA...I found you).  But he's very limited in his actual knowledge of theater.  So I assigned all of the kids in his class individual songs from Broadway shows to learn.  I want them to become familiar with more than just "Wicked." 

Since this particular kid has a 4 octave range, I wanted to challenge him so I gave him a really hard and emotional song.  As my kids were sitting in a circle, going around and telling everyone what song they were learning, we came to Budding Star.

Me:  Okay, tell everyone the name of your song.

BS: Get the smane.

Me:  What is the name of your song?  (Totally confused)

BS:  Get thes mane?

Intelligent girl:  GETHSEMANE!!!  Your song is called "Gethsemane!" as in "the garden of..."

His lack of knowledge was worse than I thought!

For non-theater people, it's from Jesus Christ Superstar.

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