Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Someone called me a name I can claim!

Hubby preached a very unpopular sermon this weekend.  It was about voting and how Christians should cast their vote for the greater good of other citizens, not just for the greater good of ourselves.  Sometime during the sermon, he perchance had the occasion to mention Obama.  He was stating that we needed to pray for our leaders, whomever they are, and not spread malicious, non-factual gossip about them.  What he actually said was, "Obama is NOT a muslim." But that's not what people heard, or cared to hear.   Holy hellfire and damnation, strike up them Templar Knights and get that pastor the hell out of the pulpit!  (I don't actually know what a Templar Knight is, but it has come up in the conversation recently and I really wanted to use it.)

Today Hubby awoke to get an email from a church member who wanted to give him a head's up about another email that was being circulated by an "anonymous" former member.  The former member has left our church because ever since Hubby came the church has become all about "radical politics."  I kid you not, they said that.  Apparently some miscommunication occured and a big newspaper stated that our denomination is a sponsor (which it is not) of the upcoming leftist rally, which is also apparently being sponsored by a communist party.  So, of course, since he is a leader of a church of this denomination, not only are we "liberal radicals"  but we're no-good leftist COMMUNISTS!

HELL YA I AM A RADICAL LIBERAL!  Okay, maybe I am not radical, but I am liberal and if Anonymous thinks they insulted us by calling us that, then they are sorely mistaken.  First, the person should have had the guts to consult Hubby himself and not just lob insults at him from behind the keyboard.  But secondly, Hubby's beliefs towards government and any "ist" society comes straight from the Bible.  My beliefs come straight from the fact that I try to be a caring person.

So Anonymous Church Member, if believing gay people need equal rights not because they are gay, but because they are people makes me a radical...AMEN!

And if believing that abortion is a necessary evil because not everyone is equipped to be a parent and I am not willing to take in every unwanted child makes me a radical.... AMEN!

And if believing that there should be some gateway medical care for every single American at low or no-cost makes me a radical....AMEN!

And if not caring if Obama is a Christian or a Muslim because this country is supposedly about religious freedom makes me a radical...AMEN!

And if supporting public schools and teachers even when I know they are flawed and don't allow God in school makes me a radical...AMEN!

And if being willing to pay more taxes so rural communities have access to paid firefighters and adequate sheriffs makes me a radical...AMEN!

And if thinking God Bless America is the most conceited, self-centered and insulting song of all time makes me a radical...AMEN!

But lastly, if my belief that those who disagree with me and hold "right-wing" views can still be good people, and yes, even friends (Assassin) makes me a radical...then I will proudly carry that flag and hold it high.  Because I am not ashamed of who I am or what I believe and if you ever came out from behind the Anonymous shield,  I would tell you your face....with dignity.  Because I believe in liberty and justice for all, damnit!


Wide Lawns said...

Yay!! Good for you. I'm sorry that people like my stupid ass relatives are in your church and that you have to put up with this stuff in your husband's job. What the hell is wrong with people these days? Everyone has gone crazy. They really have. I've never seen anything like it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, maybe your husband will get his transfer to another parish now...

**Fingers crossed for y'all**

Jenny said...

Awesome, awesome post! All the things I want to say but couldn't seem to find the words, love it!

Anonymous said...

Stands up. Applauds wildly.

May your transfer come sooner than you expect.

catherine said...

One thing that always drives me nuts is when some obscure sports team or whatever, wins something, they say "God was on our side"
Like God would actually pick sides and say "Today,I'm gonna screw over this team"
I think it's disrespectful and impertinent to presume God even gives a crap about it.

Anonymous said...

The Knights Templar were the group of Europeans who were sent/kept in relation to holding them against the moors around the time of the crusades. I think they got more attention when Dan Brown tied them into one of the conspiracies in one of his books. Really not that interesting, like the free masons.

Anonymous said...


RV Vagabonds said...

Well said! There has been as much damage done in the name of Christianity as there has been by those of other persuasions.

I hope that all this brings the good result of your family being able to move on to a different and better location.

Bubblewench said...

Anonymous stuff like that is just an asshole who likes to stir up trouble. Wow. These people are freakin NUTS!