Monday, September 13, 2010

The Dumbing Down of America

Yesterday in the locker room at the Y there was a young girl talking to her grandma.  The little girl had to do a history project of some sort.  The grandma was telling her about all the historical documents she had in her attic.  She had newspapers and wills and slave documents from the 1700's.  The girl interupted her grandma to let her know that she had to do something on the pilgrims.  To which the grandma replied, "When did the pilgrims land?  I know, 1776.  Well I have a slave bill from 1735.  That would work."

Let's count the ways in which that is wrong, shall we?

Leave no grandma behind.


FreeDragon said...

Something tells me no one in this family passes history class.

Anonymous said...

What's so fantastic is that Country Time is quite close to at least two pretty important historic places, both of which date back well before 1776. As a public school teacher all I can say is AAAAHHHH!!!! It's not that we don't try, believe me.


Joy said...

I want to go through that grandma's attic. right no.