Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dear Internet Friends

I need your help.

I have been working out like a fiend for the past three months.  I do a full weight circuit 3 times a week and 30 minutes of cardio 5 times a week.  I have been eating between 1600-1800 calories a day.  A while back I lost 7 pounds, but my inurance started to refuse to pay for my blood pressure meds.  The meds I switched to not only don't work, they caused me to gain the 7 pounds back in water weight.  Essentially I have been doing everything right and nothing has happened. (I am changing back to my old meds but I have to wait for the mail order system.)

I went to my doctor for my physical on Thursday and she told me she could tell I am taking care of myself by my blood test results.  In the past everything had been in the normal range, but just barely.  Now I am in the really good normal range.  My thyroid is fine so that is not the reason I am not losing weight.  My doctor told me that this is why people with PCOS stay overweight.  They do everything right and nothing happens for the first three months and they give up.  She told me to wait 6 months and I would see results.  She also told me to look for the muscle gain.  Even if the fat is going nowhere, if I feel the muscles it is working.  And I do feel the muscles, but I don't look different.

Lastly she told me to cut back to 1500 calories a day.  I know that is only 200-300 calories but it feels insurmountable right now.  With all the stress in my life and my lack of time (partially brought on by all the working out I am doing) I want to cry everytime I think about it.  Plus, Hubby hasn't been home at all the past 2 weeks due to church reponsibilities and I am really lonely here in CountryTime.  It's hard to make good choices right now, especially because stress triggers my need to eat.

So here is my request:  send me your favorite low-cal snack ideas (something more than cottage cheese with fruit), send me your favorite 3-400 calorie meal ideas, send me your favorite healthy frozen meal suggestion.  Please just give me some options because I am really tired of eating and dieting and working out and I need some help staying on track.



Kate said...

Longtime reader, first time poster. First I want to say that I love reading your blog- you have a real gift for words! I love your ghosty stories, and I'm rooting for you in CountryTime.

Second, I don't know how amenable you are to changing things up- but I have never had success on a diet without going low carb. I eat bacon and eggs for bfast (which is surprisingly only about 400 cals for 2 eggs and 3 pieces of thick bacon!) and I rarely have to snack. I also make a big stew with lots of veggies and good cuts of meat at the beginning of the week, and I just keep the pot in the fridge, reheating or adding sausage or veg as necessary. Cheap and delish!

I dropped enough weight on low carb that my mom, who has thyroid issues, noticed and started doing it herself. She's lost a pants size and she hasn't even completely cut bread (she eats one slice with her eggs every morning and that's about it grains wise). If I feel hungry I eat more fat. I'm a little too disorganized to count calories, but when I've kept track of my diet I do really well when the intake is about 70% fat, 20% protein, and 10% carbs. I also have WAY more energy. I took the bar exam this past summer and when things got really hectic I started slacking a little (eating more grains and sugars) and I immediately noticed a difference.

Even if you don't want to go that drastic, a handful of almonds or a nice chunk of good cheese can keep you full. Full fat yogurt/cottage cheese is WAY better than the usually sugar packed "lite" stuff.

Anyways, that's my two cents. Whatever is the best way for you, good luck! I look forward to updates :)

Lis said...

For a quick lunch, 1 morningstar farms chickn pattie (fake chicken) = 140 on a Thomas's Deli Thin for the bun = 100 TOTAL = 240, with ketchup (or avocado YUM) with a salad alongside it (get those salad dressing things that come in the spray bottle, 10 calories a spray)

Also, try that one ingredient ice cream recipe, it's a banana frozen in slices and then blended in a blender, it seriously tastes like banana custard. So good!

Jenny said...

Sargento Light Cheese Sticks are tasty and awesome. For meals I love Hungry Girl's cookbooks and she has a a 3x weekly mailing list which often has different recipes that are low calories. She also gives alternative recipes for restaurant foods that are high in calories and fat. The best part is that you don't have to wait for your emails to start coming, she archives everything and you can look through all of the emails she's sent out.

Have you thought about joining Weight Watchers? You don't have to go to meetings, you can just do it online and I've lost 25.6 lbs since I joined. They have some great low calorie/low fat foods as well. They have a whole line of frozen treats that are only 2 or 3 points which are delicious! I have a terrible sweet tooth, so they help a lot controlling my sweet cravings and they still let me eat regular healthy meals too! And if you still don't believe their tastiness, the first box of their English Toffee Frozen Treats I bought, I got one. My husband ate the rest (don't worry I didn't kill him)!

Other low calorie treats that I like are WW Yogurt (they have a lot of flavors!), Watermelon, Pears, Apples and Oranges. I think if I could eat nothing but watermelon forever, I would freak out! Also try mixing up your work out, has a bunch of free workout videos that I like. Special K bars are 90 calories and they are tasty and quick. Progresso Soups are good low calorie meals if you pay close attention to what ones you buy. There are some coupons out there right now that you can get $1 off when you buy 4 cans any variety.

Paying attention to portions is another huge thing.

If you want to ask me anything else about WW, just email me! (I promise I am not a meeting leader, just a happy person who lost weight with it!) Or if you need any other encouragement!


P.S. They didn't cast me in that musical I auditioned for, but thank you for the advice :D

Anonymous said...

Are you craving a sweet and salty snack? Then I would peruse the granola bar aisle of the supermarket. There's one out there, can't remember the brand name, that is actually called "Sweet and Salty" with peanuts. It's yummy and takes care of my cravings. Kashi makes some really good bars, too. But if you don't want to go that way, how about a 6" celery stalk with cream cheese or peanut butter slathered in the channel? I but the organic, no sugar added stuff like Crazy Richards. Or on a saltine? Just two and that takes my cravings away. Even apple slices with a smear of PB is good.

Also, I would ask your Dr. for a diuretic to go with that blood pressure med.

Don't give up! You're doing great!! And keep up the great blog! Stay busy!!


A said...

Lean Cuisines are my favorite low-calorie frozen dinners. When I needed to lose weight after the baby (I gained 60 lbs), I started eating bacon and eggs for breakfast, Lean Cuisines for lunch and dinner and snacks in between whenever I got hungry. For snacks - apples, one-slice low fat peanut butter sandwiches (peanut butter across whole slice and fold the slice in half, no jelly), tortilla chips and humus or salsa, carrots with humus, wheat thins crackers with laughing cow low fat spreadable cheese (comes as individually wrapped triangles in a wheel package), chocolate covered raisins, pretzel twists or sticks (not the really big ones) with cream cheese. The key to the snacks is to pre-divide them into the serving size recommended on the package. So if a bag of pretzels has approx. 12 servings, divide the pretzels into 12 different containers or baggies and then it's harder to overeat. Also, eating frequent and small meals/snacks will raise your metabolism. Hope this helps.

A said...

Almost forgot to include string cheese and mini babybel cheeses. Dairy is supposed to help with weight loss as well, I think.

Anonymous said...

I love to "cheat" with a movie night snack/dinner of a big bowl of air-popped popcorn. It's fairly cheap, and if you top it with that spray butter stuff that has few or no calories and a little bit of sea salt, or a little Parmesan cheese, it's pretty good for you. Plus, all that fiber is filling without racking up the calories.

Anonymous said...

Hi Muddy! I've written and erased three different paragraphs now about why I love your blog. It keeps coming off like a creepy stalker, or like I think my own little trivial problems are somewhere near your (very big, very real) struggles (believe me, they aren't). So forget it. But being liberal-minded in a Buckle-of-the-Bible-Belt town, having questions about faith, and having to deal with peoples' expectations of you based on who your husband is, never mind trying to raise kids, and sometimes feeling lost... let's just say I can relate. I'm not a pastor's wife, and I don't live next to gang members, but your blog gives me hope - makes me feel like I'm not alone. Thanks for that.

As for your struggles with your weight, I can relate again. Have you ever read Escape from Obesity? It's a blog by a lady named Lyn. She's got an amazing story, not to mention a huge collection of recipes that she's discovered and/or invented over the course of two or three years. I use a lot of her recipes, and haven't been disappointed yet. Truly tasty food! None of that "nonfat yogurt tastes like sour cream - really!" nonsense.

Check it out, if you haven't already.

Love and Hugs,
A Fellow Fish Out of Water!

FreeDragon said...

I have discovered that what trips up my diet is not planning out meals. Suddenly it's dinner time, I haven't laid out anything and I'm hungry so I don't want anything that takes a long time to cook. At this point I will just grab something without really paying attention to the carb content.
I portion food when I bring it home. I place a serving size in a bag or tupperware container and write the carbs on it. It's all too easy to eat a whole bag of chips without thinking about it.
Every once in a while my sugar is good so I will treat myself to a cookie. My doctor told me it was actually a good thing because depriving myself would make me more likey to binge.
Because they are so many things I can't have, I focus on what I CAN eat. I can eat almost any meat (except breaded things)so I choose my meat and then put two veggies with it. I buy frozen so I can have a wide varity without worrying about it spoiling. It's cheaper too and I can eat things that are out of season. Stay away from canned goods because they usually contain a lot of salt which in turn makes you retain water.
As for as cutting those last calories, look at what you already buy and try to find a reduced fat version. This way you're not eating less food. Look at sauces too because they tend to contain excessive calories and carbs. Do you like mustard? No fat, no carbs. Eat mustard instead of ketchup.
Another good snack- Blueberries, black berries, and raspberries. I can't eat very many strawberries but they would be fine for you. Berries are about the only thing I can eat like a normal person.
One thing that really help me was a food guide. I have The Ultimate Calorie, Carb, & Fat Gram Counter. This is a handy reference for fresh food without labels, alcohol, and fast food.

Anonymous said...

Your doctor may be wrong about your thyroid if she checked only TSH. She should run a complete thyroid panel, including free T4, free T3, and especially reverse T3, before pronouncing your thyroid OK.

Green said...

I'll second those Morningstar Farms chicken patties (the nuggets are great too). I sometimes cook two, and then slice them up and toss them in salads and eat a salad for a meal.

Please keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat, and consider changing around your weight lifting routine - it will remind your body to burn calories.

I drink Stonyfield Farms yogurt drinks for breakfast. I only drink water (because I like it, not for dietary reasons). Sometimes I get a small Jamba Juice (stawberries wild or the berry one) for lunch.

Anonymous said...

DO NOT cut back to 1500 calories. That's ridiculous and setting yourself up for failure. No one can work out and eat so little, it just isn't healthy.

Anonymous said...

Muddy, you don't have to publish this, and it's not what you were asking for, but have you looked into FA and just believing that some bodies are different than others? You are so strong and awesome, does it matter if you're thinner if you're already healthy? 1500 calories is just not good for your body if you exercise that much. Maybe not what you wanted to hear but I had to chime in and say you're already fantastic and weighing 10 pounds less isn't going to make you any more fantastic or cooler than you are. The sky will still be as blue, the ocean as magnificent, E's love as sweet whether or not you are heavier or thinner.

For what a random, internet stranger's opinion is worth.

Anonymous said...

Read the labels. Salt, hydrogenated, HFCS; it'll screw you up.
Eat those vegetables if you need something to snack on.
Buy a weight loss hypnosis tape and listen to it everyday.
Write down everything you eat, that can kill some appetite. Write what you feel for the food. Is bread that something special from your childhood or did the dessert at the end of the meal say "love" because a huge amount is emotional, pain, etc.
Add the grapefruit juice, the lemon squeezed into water with no sweeteners, just skip it.
Three simple rules:
1. No fruit or juice with any meal, make that your meal or stay 20 minutes away from any food.
2. No carbs with protein; eat separately.
3. A glass of wine (1 glass) or tea with meals will help you digest better.
Drink water between meals (tends to water down the digestive juices.
Add those peanuts, cashews, pecans, into snack bags for between meal filler 3x a day snacks.
Are you eating because you're hungry or "other" (need love, to feel good.) Food is a drug. Eat vegetables for two weeks and then taste a fatty meal and you will get high.
Everyone lies that food is a mood stabilizer and a way to get high. They hypnosis tape you can make for yourself, read up on the library for positive reinforcement. Any of the "I'm not hungry" statements all the brain hears is "I'm hungry" so go with "I'm full" or "I'm satisfied" or "Vegetables make me feel good" etc. Lead the mind the body will follow.
Try Yoga or Tai Chi with your child for her and you'll get stuff out of it for you, while giving something important to your child.
All kinds of low calorie with spices can enhance food choices.
Avoid anything frozen. You're intelligent; look into making your own frozen lasagna, soups, etc and use lower calorie food and freeze for 2 weeks at a time.
Get a doctor to prescribe Provigil for your depression (it kills the appetite and can make you more efficient) break pills in half and buy a pill slicer to quarter it and take it every other day. Less is more.
You may resent it, but pray and ask for help, insight or help; it really can help.

Anonymous said...

I'm not offering recipes, I just want to tell you that I love you, because I think you need to hear it. But, my hubby is now doing the whole p90x thing (scar bought it--long story) and it's basically hard-core working out with low-carb/high protein diet and he's lost a lot of weight. I've even lost some, I think, although I don't weight myself. And I miss you and I hope the next move brings you closer home to me. And keep working out, because is makes you feel better no matter what your clothes size.


Beth said...

In my opinion, best overall workout/dietary advice, is found in the book, Body for Life, by Bill Phillips. Great thing is that it doesn't teach deprivation, but rather how to make healthier choices overall. Actually, it seems like too much eating when you just glance at the eating plans, but it definately works. And a plus, is that it is just good, healthy food for the whole family, not just a diet for you!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Has your doctor tried putting you on Metformin for your PCOS? Many times people with PCOS are insulin resistant and therfore unable to lose weight. I spent a lot of time hardly eating at all and still gaining weight. After being diagnosed with PCOS and being put on Metformin, I have lost 40 lbs with just eating normally.