Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Here Turtle Turtle

So I am back from my weekend on the coast.  It's kind of weird that I live 45 minutes from the ocean but had to drive 5 hours to spend a few days at...the ocean.  Anywho, at the risk of exposing where I live, I need to tell you the story about the loggerhead, ghost crab and the Universe's sign.

The island my parents live on is prime turtle nest land.  On an 11 mile stretch of beach there were approximately 65 turtle nests.  I desperately wanted to experience the hatching of the turtles so I went to the turtle center, asked which nest they thought would be the next to go and dragged E with me at 8:30 at night to sit by a man-made trough and await the birth of beautiful little reptiles.  We waited for 90 minutes and nothing was happening.  Sad and desolate, E and I walked barefoot along the shore line about 3 blocks back to our car.  We promised each other that we would return the next day to await the hatching and that IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN.

About that time E went running ahead to do a cartwheel in the sand.  As I was watching her (and not the ground beneath me) I felt a tremendous pain in my foot and heard this horrible cracking sound.  It sounded just like a restaurant when a bibbed customer takes out a huge metal object and tears into Alaskan King Crab claws.  I stood there for just a second trying to register the fact that something had just been inserted at least 1/2 inch into my foot and wondering if that cracking sound was something I was standing ON or something that was INSIDE me.  I got dizzy as I tried to lift up my foot and remove the offending object that was now a part of me.  Alas, I had created a soft-shell  crab when I absent-mindedly stepped down on a very hard shelled ghost crab.  I took a breath and pulled the piece of him that was left from out of my foot.  Let me tell you, crab should be eaten, not stomped.

Over the course of the year here in CountryTime I have struggled to make friends.  One of my preschool students was the cutest little girl in the world.  She was a cross between Orphan Annie and Shirley Temple.  I spent a lot of time talking to her mom and felt really comfortable with her.  The day before I had finally decided to put myself out there and ask her and her family to come over for dinner, I found out she was moving in four weeks to a city 2 1/2 hours away.  I was devastated.  I friended her on FB but that was pretty much that.

So when I returned that night I put on my FB page that I was going out again tomorrow in hopes of seeing the nest hatch, injured foot or not.  Annie's mom replied that they were on turtle duty as well and asked where I was.  I answered my exact location but I didn't check my FB page again before another disappointing night of turtle watching, but when I got home she had left a comment.  She was vacationing in the house that was at the EXACT location of my turtle nest.  I must have left both nights just a little too early to see her.  How bizarre is that?  Here we were, both at the exact same place at the almost exact same time.

The funny thing is, as we were driving through her new town to my parent's island, I had casually mentioned to Hubby how sad I was that this family had moved and maybe we could get moved to this town so we at least had one family we knew we could friend.  And then, lo and behold, there she was.  Sign?  Hmmm...I wonder...because Hubby and I are definitely thinking we are going to ask for a move.  How long do you stay in a place that feels so alien and makes you lonely?

So there it is, my week away.  I got to go to the world's hottest outdoor wedding (who gets married outdoors in August in the south?), met a man who apparently has the stamina of the Energizer Bunny, sat by a turtle's nest for TWO nights only to see nothing, turned into a crab killer and passed like two ships in the night with the one person formerly from CountryTime that I felt a connection to.

Oh, but I did get to see Stormy and the Assassin.  It was nice but just made me need a place to call "home" even more.  Oh well, I'm still better off than the ghost crab.....


Joy said...

very interesting. I always pay attention to those little "coincidences". Only cause they're are usually not. I love your blog btw.

FreeDragon said...

To me turtles are about happiness and home so it seems odd that you missed both the baby turtles and your friend.

Wide Lawns said...

I live on a loggerhead nesting island too now!!!! I too am determined to see some of the hatchlings!