Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bucket List

In the past week I have had two people comment on my blog.  Both of these people are doing something I desperately want to do...eventually.  First was K.  K is in a roller derby.  I know it seems strange for a pastor's wife, but I have always wanted to take part in a roller derby.  There just seems to be something gritty and raw and primal about it.  I know it can be a brutal sport, but the women all seem like my kind of people.  For me to try it right now would probably devastate my body (I have had two major car accidents that left my neck a little like a bobble head) but once I have built up some more muscle and feel like I could safely take a fall, I REALLY want to do it.

The other person is RV Vagabond.  Hubby and I have had our fair share of the "wrath of nature".  We've endured so many hurricanes and seen first hand the good that the Red Cross does, that I have for years wanted to get an RV and just spend  my life traveling from disaster to disaster.  When nature strikes, I want to be one of the first people into the devastated area to help the people get through the first couple weeks.  But I also want to be able to pick up and go and see the world on my own terms.  So, even though that will probably have to wait until we retire, owning an RV is on my bucket list.

But after that things get kind of hazy.  I am so embroiled in the drama that is my life that I have found I have stopped having dreams and goals.  The person who left the comment that my inability to lose weight might be related to my stress really hit home.  The only way to combat this stress is to focus on other things, so I have been trying to make out a bucket list.  Here's what I have:

Meet Carole King (and not screw it up this time).  I really need to right that wrong.
Visit Santa Fe, Cinque Terra, Maine, Wales, Havasu Falls and Scotland
Eat Peking Duck (Okay, I stole this from Everybody Love Ray)
Go jet skiing
Get at least one thing published
Learn to play my guitar
Swim with dolphins
Read five more of the top 100 books ever written (I was surprised to see I have only read 17)
Go to an affair where I get to see my Hubby in a tux

That's as far as I have gotten.  I know, its a sad number, but at least it is a start.  Maybe you all could add to my list.  Any suggestions?


k said...

I cried my first roller derby meeting (we were not even on skates!). I was so nervous that i had a panic attack in my mom-van and cried.
I pulled myself together and did it and it's the best thing i have ever done (besides my babies).
Roller derby has taught me tenacity, pride, acceptance of others and myself, patience, tact and how to run a business.
Find your local roller derby (there are over 450 in the US alone) and volunteer. Get to know the people and once you can skate, you will.


Charlitan said...

Hmmm .... you know, technically, you ARE published. Self published, but published!

We have a Derby here in town and I have friends on the team. I wanted to join when it first started years ago, but then one of the girls broke a bone and I was all, no thanks!

My bucket list includes getting a personalized cake from Charm City Cakes. You are welcome to use that one, too! They start at 1k, so it's pretty far down on the list right now.....

liss said...

1. make a killer homemade pie.
2. make homemade iced tea (sun tea also counts).
3. drink a coffee with my honey, sitting at an outdoor table on the Champs-Elysees in Paris, looking at the Eiffel Tower :)
4. scuba dive
5 make a quilt
6. make a handmade baby sweater for a good friend who would appreciate a gift like that
7. learn to sew
8. make friends that we have enough in common with that we want to vacation together... and do it.
9. say F-you to that pastor's wife that tried to censor me (as another pastor's wife)
10. grow my own blueberries (even just one bush will do!)
11. learn to build things out of wood.
12. build something out of wood that looks nice and that i'll use
13. ride a horse. and not on a trail ride where they all plod along in a line.
these are a few of mine... take or leave whatever you want!

ps. thanks for your blog and your honesty... it's hard being a pastor's wife! my honey quit just 6 months ago and now is going to school to be a teacher

Anonymous said...

I've recently started my own bucket list; so far, it's just places I'd like to visit.

I like the idea of reading more 'great' books. My selections these days have been pretty trashtastic, I haven't had the time or inclination to tackle anything deep.

I would imagine any bucket list would be highly individualistic; my husband would contain 'racetracks around the world'. Mine would not have jet-skis on it. Some of my choices are mountains I'd like to hike up, so I can't put that off for too long.


Jenny said...

I've been trying to figure out how to email you but I haven't been able to, but I wanted to ask you as a theatre person, my college is doing my favorite musical this fall and the comic monologue I usually use for auditions is in this particular musical. Should I do my regular monologue for auditions, or find something else?

Also, congrats on taking off 7 lbs!! That's so great, keep it up!

FreeDragon said...

Yes, I suggest you start living some of these dreams! the jet skiing one shouldn't be too hard. After you do one or two things on your list you might think of more like mountain climbing or traveling around the world.

FreeDragon said...

About that book list-
Uh-oh, I've only read 6. And me a college grad and all. I suppose seeing the movie doesn't count.

RV Vagabonds said...

Muddy, your list is not a sad list because all of the items on it are eminently do-able. And that's the whole point, right?

Time to pull out that guitar, my dear. Take some me time to do it.

Bubblewench said...

Hey, it's a start and longer then most people's list already. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I'm 43 and have just started autocross. I can't believe how it's improved my confidence level, my driving skills and my discipline! Only negative is how quickly I'm going through my tires...

amysue in texas