Saturday, July 3, 2010


For my entire married life Hubby and I have been struggling financially.  We had just begun to pull ourselves out of the deep moneyless hole when we got moved here and took such a huge hit to our income.  You may remember I had desperately wanted to go to Santa Fe for my 40th birthday but that didn't happen.

Anywho, I was recently talking to a church member who is even more in debt than we are.  She just had a hysterectomy that her insurance declined coverage on AFTER it had already been approved (something about her being an outpatient who "decided" to spend the night in the hospital).  She now owes the hospital $15,000, which she doesn't have.  BUT she also decided to take her family on a cruise a few weeks ago by charging it on credit card.

When she told me about this it made me cringe.  I am ultra-responsible and can't imagine taking a cruise when such a large bill hung over my head.  But she told me that it was SO large that she didn't want it to prevent her from enjoying life.  Now, it is not physically possible for me to charge tickets to a cruise.  I would be worrying the whole time I was on the cruise about where the money was coming from.  But I did talk to Hubby about how I felt life was passing us by and I wanted to try to incorporate a few more adult excursions into our life.  Nothing that was so expensive that I would panic, but a concert here, a night away there.

So Hubby took that request to heart.  We have to pick my daughter up today from sleepaway camp which was 2 1/2 hours away from our home.   Hubby found a nice bed and breakfast in this quaint little town just 45 minutes from her camp and whisked me away. (One of my readers lives just a few towns away from here!)  It's a beautiful place.  If you ever saw the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes"  the house is laid out just like the one in the movie where the woman NOT played by Mary Stuart Masterson is living with an abusive husband.  It is right on a river and we could walk into town to have dinner on the water.  Which meant we also got to split a bottle of wine because neither of us had to drive.  All in all we will have spent about $200.00 that we don't have, but it has been worth it.

But that wasn't the only surprise my husband had planned for me.  I work at the local arts council which also has a gallery that displays local artisan's work.  Almost a year ago there was a showing of a local silversmith jewelry maker.  She designed jewelry with a nature theme and I fell in love with this one necklace.  It was only $75.00 but it might as well have been diamond encrusted because I couldn't see spending that much money on a piece of jewelry when we had taxes to pay, braces for E to buy, etc.  Still, I would go and visit this necklace every day as I walked out of work because I loved it so much.

As Hubby and I were closing the door to our room to go to dinner last night, he asked me to wait a minute and went back into the room and emerged with a bag from the arts council.  I immediately knew what it was and promptly started to cry.  Not because I was upset, but because Hubby surprised me and made me feel so special.  A while back we read "The Five Love Languages" together.  It is actually an enlightening book.  Hubby's love language is gift giving (mine is quality time/acts of service).  He had been holding money back since I saw the necklace the first time.  He told me that he was proud of me for all the work I have been doing in therapy and for the fact that I am back in the gym working out and trying to actually take care of myself.  This was his gift to me.  I was so touched that I kept tearing up all night.  I don't know what it is about this necklace, but it touches me in some way.  I think it is the way it represents my artistic nature.  I've been hiding away the artist in myself for a long time and I am finally starting to acknowledge her again.

So I am sitting here typing away in a lovely B&B, wearing my new necklace and wishing I could bottle these few moments and remember them forever.

I love that man.


drawer queen said...

What a perfect surprise. You deserve it, enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

totally awesome!

I love the sentiments behind the gift.

Will have to check out that book.

Happy 4th


(spell check wanted to make sentiments into sediments :-D )

RV Vagabonds said...

Obviously you have what we call a "keeper" in that husband of yours. Yay for you for deciding that life is to be lived and allowing yourselves the occasional luxury so to be able to maintain your sanity.

catherine said...

can you post a pic of the necklace?
I love natural style jewelry.

Bubblewench said...

That's the most awesome thing ever. Hubs & I are struggling $ wise too, but every so often, instead of another baked chicken, we HAVE to get out. Treat ourselves, even if we can't afford it.

Your hubs rocks. What an awesome amazing man to do that for you. For both of you!!

Joy said...

like catherine said, picture? pretty please?