Monday, July 5, 2010

Pastoral Mistakes

Hubby and I don't like cable.  We have cable, but we pay $12 just to have the basic package of the 4 affiliates, CW, Sci Fi (which I am losing next week for CSPAN) and the weather channel.  There's an assortment of religious channels and shopping networks but I don't watch any of those.  The next level up is $60.00 and you get a lot more channels, but the channels don't necessarily have anything worth watching.  When I have access to all of those channels I get sucked into shows that deal with flipping houses, or eating more than a human should eat in a week, things like that.  They're not things that better my already sloth-like personality.

To offset the lack of things to watch, however, Hubby and I have Netflix.  I love Netflix.  We run it through our Wii or on our laptop and I can watch real shows that I don't normally have access to without being tempted by the 45th showing of "A Baby Story" or what not.  Seriously, how many times can I watch a woman writhing in agony before I change the channel?  Obviously ad nauseum because I never change the channel, thus the need for Netflix.

Anywho, Hubby and I have been watching the Tudors on Netflix.  The first two seasons were available online but the third season has to come to us via DVD.  I love the historical information, the costumes and parade, but yes, I also like the sexiness of it too.  I love Jonathan Rhys Meyers.  He can do no wrong in my book. 

Well, we watched an episode via DVD on our laptop on Saturday night and Hubby forgot to remove the DVD before church Sunday morning.  In fact, he forgot about it entirely until it came time for his Sunday School lesson.  He set his computer up and started the DVD player in his laptop, thinking his DVD for his Sunday School lesson would start. Only churchy, theological stuff didn't start.  The Tudor's did.  Hubby was a little embarrassed (after all, this church already complains that he is too "well-rounded" aka intelligent).  What would they think of us watching this show that routinely portrays people, gasp, fornicating?  And uses big words and requires one to think!  But all I could think is thank God we weren't watching our other favorite show: Californication!  We might have had some 'splaining to do when David Duchovny's foul mouth and bare ass appeared on the church sanctuary screen. 

Bad pastor!


Erica said...

Ahaha oops! I got into the Tudors through Netflix too, as well as Mad Men and next up is Big Love. Loved it, can't wait for season 4.

Bubblewench said...

hee..hee.. Nice slip!! I love love love my Netflix!