Monday, July 26, 2010

An Embarrassing Moment

I can't write about my demons.  They just don't want their dirty laundry aired and I have to respect that.  Instead I thought I would write about my run-in with a famous hottie.  Well, he was famous and hot back then.

When I was 22 I worked in the home office of one of the biggest banks in the world.  If you're over 20 years old you probably had one of their credit cards.  Now it has been sucked up into some other big company, but back then it was huge.  I loved working there.  Even though I was only a teller, I got to hobnob and joke around with some of the richest people in the world.  I was a fast teller, reliable and able to keep my mouth shut, so I was a favorite.  Some of my regular customers included Les Wexner of the Limited, the Governor of Ohio, one of the regular referees for the Rose Bowl; basically anybody who was a mover or a shaker in Columbus, Ohio.

Both of my roommates at the time worked for local state representatives, but the roommate whom I had known since I was 16 also babysat for one of the OSU football coaches.  One day this incredibly good looking man came into my teller line.  He wanted to withdraw some money from his personal "play" account.  That's what he called it.  He told me it was the account his manager had set up for him as his spend money.  He didn't say this in a rude way, just a matter of fact, everyone has a "play" money account kind of way.  When I pulled up the account it has $300,000 in it. I just about choked.  Everyone should have that much fun money.

But it was his name that struck me.  I looked from his name, to him, back to his name and tried to figure out how I knew him.   Ah-ha!  My roommate had talked about him.  So, being as I was young and brash and stupid, I looked at him point blank and said, "Do you know my friend Karen?"  He looked at me, shook his head and said, "No, never heard of her."  Still not knowing who he was, I carried on, "Are you sure?  I know she knows you."  He looked at me again and, still being gracious, shook his head and said, "Sorry."

Now it was really bugging me.  I knew I knew his name.  Finally, I couldn't take it anymore.  I asked him, "How do I know you?"  He smiled at me and said, "Well, I played football for OSU."  Well now it made sense.  "My friend babysits for one of the coaches!"  I practically screamed at him.  "That's how I know your name!"  So now, here I was, standing in front of a cute and RICH man.  I decided to do a little flirting.  "So, what do you do now?"  I gave him my best come-hither smile, which quickly faded as he said, "Um...I'm the quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers."  Now I was really embarrassed since my mom's family is from the Pittsburgh area and they are HUGE Steeler fans.

Needless to say, he walked away with his money and WITHOUT asking me out.  Which is probably a good thing since he was arrested for domestic violence this year.  Alas,  because of my inability to follow football (which is a crime in Columbus), I would never know the joy of dating Mike Tomzcak.  Sigh.


Bubblewench said...

ppphhttt. he's not THAT hot.. hee..hee... hee.. great story!

Gina said...

I never thought Tomczak was hot. I did, however, think Mark Malone was hot (he had that Tom Selleck look). I saw him on a plane once on the way home (to Pittsburgh) and almost had a heart attack.