Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Where Was I?

We pulled up into the back alley that led to my house. I lived in a half of a 150 year-old double in German Village. We had a little garage/shed that I had left my car in so I had to leave his car parked behind it, exposed to the night elements and the night people.

Now you have to realize, I was a feisty 22 year-old who adored my little corner of the world. It was quaint and quirky and I was surrounded by my kind of people. My next door neighbors were a little old couple who had been married for over 50 years. The other half of my double was rented by 2 professional (and cute) straight yuppie guys who worked for the same bank I did. Across the street was a flamboyant 6'5" tall gay black man who regularly wore bright fuschia leg warmers and a violet ripped up dance shirt named Maurice (I'm not making that name up). Two doors down was the local German pub where you could do the chicken dance AND pick up a man, a woman, a couple, whatever your pleasure was for the night. But of course, there were also the shady rednecks and gang members who stalked the alleys looking for someone to rob.

Hubby is ultimately from the smallest town in Florida (even though he has lived in several big cities) and he was aghast at the thought of leaving his car in my alley. In fact he made some comment about how dangerous it was and I just about left him outside to fend for himself. I loved my house and my neighborhood and didn't appreciate him being so disrespectful. BUT....he smelled so good.

So I dragged him inside and hollered for my two roommates. The sound of my voice echoed through the cavernous three story brick house. No one answered. There it was. I was all alone with this drunken man I barely knew. I was in trouble.

I immediately went to the back of the house where the tiny little kitchen was located and started a pot of my raspberry flavored coffee that I bought freshly ground from the little coffee shop down the street. Believe it or not, for a brief period of my life, my house was the place to gather. People filtered in and out and I always had snacks and drinks. It was nothing for my roommates to find one of my friends sleeping on the couch or with me in my room because it had gotten so late. The house was huge. I could have a full-blown party on the first floor and no one would hear it upstairs.

Hubby and I sat on the couch while he drank his coffee. I was valiantly trying to keep him in line all the while fighting off my own attraction to him. I barely knew him. I was interested in someone else, someone I had spent a year trying to get to acknowledge my existence. I had only been in one other sexual relationship and that was short-lived and a result of mourning my brother's death (I needed to do something life affirming). But there I was, caught up in this new-found passion and one thing led to another and I led him upstairs to my bedroom.

Before I write this next paragraph, I need to let you know Hubby is okay with me writing this story. I'm not mocking him or trying to put him in a bad light, because everything obviously turned out okay, but...he was drunk....

Anywho, there we were, or should I say, there I was engaging in my first and only one-night stand. Never in my life had I done something so risky or remarkable. Except right in the middle of it my roommate came home and knocked on my bedroom door. She had parked in front of the house and hadn't seen his car out back, so she assumed I was alone. She opened the door and noticed two heads turn towards her. Of course it was dark and she couldn't see who was in the room with me, but in her embarassment she tried to rectify the situation by being her ultra-polite self and greeting the guest. Only she said, "I am so sorry. Hi, Jim." But it wasn't Jim, the guy whom I had been wooing for a year. It was Hubby. Boy did I have some 'splaining to do. Only I didn't have to explain then because Hubby quickly feel asleep on top of me leaving me pinned to the bed and panicking that I had just made the biggest mistake in my life. What was I going to do with this big lunk of a drunken man preventing me from escaping this obviously uncomfortable situation?

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