Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sorry About the Delay

I really didn't mean to make you wait so long for the next part of the story. I have a new play being performed in a few weeks that I really had to finish since the actors needed it to learn their lines.

Anywho, Hubby bundled me up in the middle of the night in the coldest winter in 150 years and drove me to the emergency room. Head injuries with bloody noses get fairly quick attention so I was whooshed back into a room and then made to wait....and wait....and, well you get the picture.

Meanwhile I was going on about 8 hours without having eaten anything and my head was throbbing and my blood sugar was crashing. Hubby was like a centurion guard, watching over my every need, fetching me orange juice, asking questions of the doctor who would periodically come to check on me to make sure I hadn't lapsed into a coma. When I was taken to x-ray he tried his hardest to be allowed to sit with me WHILE they took the x-ray. Thankfully the technician was more hard-assed than Hubby and made him wait outside. But as soon as she closed the door, she turned to me and said, "I hope you know that one's special. He's definitely a keeper."

Oh, by the way, my little hospital visit diagnosis? I swear to you, the doctor walked into the room with my x-rays in hand and said, "Do you want to know what's wrong with you? You got the snot knocked out of you." Have you ever had a doctor tell you that you had the snot knocked out of you? Um...yeah, I could have told you that. But that was it. I had a mild concussion and was sent home at 2:00 AM with an RX for painkillers that Hubby got filled for me before I went home.

It was that night that I realized I was truly in trouble. He was leaving and there was nothing I could do to stop him. Our time together went so quickly, that before I knew what had happened, it was April and I tried not to cry as I watched him drive away in his car, heading towards Louisiana where his real job was.

That night I sobbed myself to sleep. I had known that day was coming and I had promised to let him go, but it just hurt so damn much. I woke up the next morning soaking wet, wondering how I could have cried so much while I was sleeping and not even know it. Only my bed wasn't wet from tears, it was wet from the pouring rain storm we had during then night that caused my ceiling to come crashing down in plaster pieces all over me. I brushed the rain, dirt and dust off of me and thought "How fitting a way to wake up on my first day without him."

So needless to say, Hubby and I couldn't stay apart. This was the time before cell phones were so easily accessible and email was just a glint in Al Gore's eye ;). So we spent $3-400 dollars apiece per month on phone calls. We flew back and forth across the country to each other. He broke up with his fiancee and we realized we either had to be together or file for bankruptcy. So he found a job in the town with the World's Most Expensive Seminary-sign number two (although at the time he had no intention of becoming a minister) and I packed up my stuff, moved away from home and we lived together for a few months before we got married.

Tomorrow: the conclusion of how I became a pastor's wife.

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