Monday, June 14, 2010

So here's the thing....

Hmmm... everybody seems to be really fascinated with the paranormal stuff. 

There's two things that kind of hold me back from talking more about it.  The first is that I try really hard to maintain a high level of truthfulness on my blog (believe it or not) and so I try to only write about the things that I can verify through someone or something else.  The woman at the pink house was a verified experience because someone who knows nothing about me confirmed what I thought I was experiencing.  I told Elise's story because it was unfolding in front of me in the news.  The wolf thing at Old Man's Cave was experienced by Hubby.  The dead body I found, well, I can't confirm what I heard or felt, but I think the fact that I found her speaks for itself.  A lot of my experiences can't be confirmed and are so strange that I am left to wonder if they are real or merely my overly creative and dramatic imagination. 

BUT....I will be happy to share some of those things as long as it is understood that I do not ask YOU to believe anything I say and that you are free to think I am full of it.  For all I know, I might be.  Integrity is important to me and I don't want anyone thinking I am trying to pass myself off as something I am not. I think there are people in this world who are truly gifted and psychic, but I do not claim to be one of them, nor do I want to cause someone else to doubt them because of the wild things I might talk about.  Their lives are hard enough already, if my little talent is but a shred of what they experience.

The second thing that holds me back is that during the most "sensitive" period of my life there was another person involved who might not want me to tell her stories.  There was a time when I felt I needed to be protected from the things I was experiencing and she acted as my guide, so to speak.  I was physically being hurt by things I could not see or control and she was able to act as a wall between me and the things.  But I have too much respect for her to go someplace she might not want to be right now.  She has enough crap going on in her life, I don't want to uncork another bottle and give her more grief.   And we might remember things differently.  Apparently I didn't even get my own story right about my conversation with Hubby when we decided to become a pastoral couple.  He's going to write his own version of what happened when he has time.  He's in the middle of planning a funeral right now.  But once he told me, I went ,"OHHHHHH!!!! OOOPPPSSS!!!"  I wasn't horribly far off, but people have different perspectives.

Okay...check back in the next few days (about a 1,000 times please) and I will tell you about a few of my weird abilities and some of the things I have experienced.  I will also think hard about some crazy "congregate" (tamjenic :}) stories because I am kind of in a good place in my life right now and think I can handle writing it out.

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