Monday, June 21, 2010

In conclusion

This is going to be my last paranormal post for a while.  Something came waltzing into my room two nights ago and nearly caused me a heart attack.  It sounded like a child walked up to my bed and then made little chewing sounds.  I'm guessing remembering all of this stuff is opening me up to things again and I really don't want to do that, but I don't want to leave you hanging, either.

So, maybe Charlitan can help me remember why, but somehow she and I ended up at PV's house for some reason or another.  I think we might have been picking something up, but I am not sure.  But there I was in PV's house talking to him and his lover.  The sad thing was, his lover was a really nice guy.  Flamboyant and cliche-edly gay, but sweet.  He was also a little scared of PV, but he chose to stay because he said the sex was so good.  Of course, PV claimed they actually levitated during sex, but that just tells you how insane he was.

Anywho, Charlitan's face suddenly drained of all color and she pointed to a picture on the wall.  All four pair of eyes in the room turned to look at a 100 year old picture of a woman.  Everyone looked at the picture, looked at me, looked at the picture and then just gasped.  I was left standing there going, "What?  What is is?"  Charlitan said, "Muddy, that woman looks just like you."  The picture was of a woman a little older than me with long dark hair.  The edges of the photo were browned and she wore a high-collared dress.  I stared into her emotionless face and wondered how these people could think I looked like her.  PV said, "You see it too, don't you?"  And that's when Charlitan grabbed me by my arm, made a quick excuse and dragged me out of the house.  She called a friend of hers and arranged for me to meet him the next day.  Apparently I needed a little masculine energy protection from PV.

For several weeks before strange things had been happening.  Charlitan had a dream about PV and woke up with a nasty nosebleed.  My car suddenly stopped in the middle of the night on the OSU campus in a really not so nice spot.  Luckily I had a few friends in that area and was able to call for help, but when help came, my car started just fine.  A second story porch collapsed at a campus party I was supposed to be at but was running late to.  But the weirdest thing was the costume I wore for the show.  PV had rented this gorgeous period piece dress for my role in the show.  He had rented a few costumes, but mine was the most elaborate and expensive.  Only PV didn't have the money to pay the rental fee.  Late one night the costume house where the dress was rented from was burned down in an act of arson.  Suddenly all fees were waived.  Gee, I wonder who the arsonist was?

So the picture was just the last straw.  Charlitan took me to her friend and the very first thing he said to me, before even "hello", was that he wouldn't want to meet me in a dark spiritual alley.  Apparently he believed I was an old soul and a natural healer who could be threatening to those dabbling in black magic.  Things were done, candles lit and I was protected.  I left the theater company, although Charlitan (who wasn't really a lesbian at that time) had a crush on one of the acting crew and stayed on for one more show.  The threats seemed to dissipate but I was left exposed.

For example, I was snuggled with Kevin on a couch one day, watching a movie, when out of nowhere I just blurted out, "Someone tried to kidnap you."  He was so surprised he almost pushed me off.  Someone had tried to drag him into a van when he was 10 and he had never told anyone.

A woman was pregnant and I told her she was going to have twins.  She became upset at my insistence and told me she had had several ultrasounds and there was no twin.  Two months later she delivered twins that had been lined up perfectly, one behind the other.

My friend, the Assassin, when I had only known her 3 weeks, discovered her husband had a stage three brain tumor.  I looked her right in the eye and told her he would be fine.  And he was.  He's now cancer free 5 years.  I could just tell.

Even people I only know through the internet can touch me.  Some of you leave comments and I think
"Oh, that person needs...." or "So and so is going through a really rough time right now."  To this day when Charlitan, who lives 5 states away from me, is going through something traumatic I can smell a certain scented candle that she used to love. Its my bat signal that she needs me.

I know, it all seems crazy.  You can choose to believe me or not.  It's okay.  But I really don't want any more night visitors for a while, so I think I'll lay low on the paranormal stuff for a little bit.

Thanks for stopping by.


Bubblewench said...

I don't blame you. Opening this stuff up can cause other things to open as well. Thanks for the stories. I really enjoyed them. Hope you keep posting no matter what it is. :)

k said...

Thank you so much for sharing this highly personal and "omg everyone's going to think im batshit nuts" part of your life.
I too sense things and tell people things without thinking and they get that washed over look like "how the $%$# did you know that?!"
I really enjoy your writing and cant wait to read more, no matter the topic.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing . . . and I wish things didn't bother you at night and night time is the worst time for anything to happen. But I wish you could tell some people who needed to know something whatever it is.
But people will always fear what they don't understand.

Erica said...

These stories have been fascinating. I'm sorry that they have opened you up to whatever it is you've been experiencing and I really appreciate that you've made yourself vulnerable so that we can be entertained. I'm still going to check your blog everyday - ghost stories or not :) Please don't ever stop writing!

Lisa said...

Why did PV have an old painting that resembled you? How did he even find it? This picture sounds like it was there for a very specific reason beyond his obsession with you and his desire to frighten you.

Don't worry about answering my questions if focusing on this is bringing trouble to you.

Carol (not the one who fell through the glass) said...

The paranormal realm is so fascinating but...if anything truly eerie happened to me I would probably hide under my bed for two weeks. However, I do wish that I could communicate with my Golden Retriever who died in February, I know that sweet creature is still around somewhere. I'm sorry you're having problems as a result of sharing your experiences. You are very brave.

Charli-tan said...

Why were we at PV's house... UGH! I can't remember! It seems like we were there for a read through that got canceled (and he didn't tell us) or something like that. I remember that freaky effing picture though. He was one messed up dude! He had his fingers in things that he never should have been messing with and what do you want to bet that he has some serious mental problems to deal with now?
I still believe he made a big show of dabbling in very real things that he had no respect for. That's a dangerous and stupid hobby. He was clueless with his big bad barrel chested self! It would have been funny if he weren't such a menace.
If I get a clearer memory of exactly why we were at the house, I'll chime back in.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your paranormal posts, Muddy Waters. I know writing/talking about this stuff can .. make 'stuff' start to happen so I'm not surprised you're done talking about it for now, but I've really enjoyed these posts. I hope you keep updating with this same frequency!

FreeDragon said...

Don't worry too much about not being able to remember details. Sometimes in paranormal events your perception is shifted so you do things not normal for you or you might come in contact with events/people that ordinarily wouldn't ever cross your path.

RV Vagabonds said...

I've enjoyed reading your posts about your paranormal experiences but I certainly understand that you need to stop since you seem to be stirring things up that don't need to be stirred. The posts have been entertaining and fascinating.

Thank you for sharing.