Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ft. Hayes

I want to say I appreciate the comment Anonymous left on my Angel story.  I walked away from that post feeling really exposed and somewhat cheesy.  That's the problem with talking about this stuff, it seems so made for tv that I wonder how anyone can take me seriously.  So thanks, even though I still feel cheesy I appreciate that people seem to enjoy reading this.

Today will be my last cheesy post.  Charlitan has given me permission to talk about what went on for a few years in my life.  The things that happened during that time are what started turning me away from all of this.  None of that feels cheesy to me.

But, I promised to talk to you about Ft. Hayes.  I have a few readers from Ohio and if any of you are at all wondering if you might have some psychic connection I would suggest you go spend some time there walking around.  You'll definitely find out.  Ft. Hayes is an old Civil War base that was used by the army for about 120 years.  It started with the General's Quarters and a shot tower and was added on to from there.  While I was there I attended the theater program under the direction of a megalomaniac. Because of his personality, I was allowed to see inside a lot of the buildings that were officially off limits. He didn't believe the rules applied to him or his golden children (of which I was one.)

Now, you have to know, theater people are their own brand of people.  We're crazy, and I say that with love, but we're also gullible.  Every theater has a ghost and amazingly every ghost died the same way (jumping from catwalk).  You never say the name of the ghost or whistle because that calls the ghost and bad things will happen during your production.  It's all a bunch of hooey.  But theater people are drawn to and believe in spirits.

And when you get a group of people together who want to see a spirit, it is hard to separate fact from fantasy.  Everyone claimed there was ghost in the shot tower.  If there was, I never saw it.  Everyone claimed there was a ghost in the theater (the catwalk lady), if she was there she didn't tell me.  But one day we were doing a show about the Mexican War and something strange did happen.  A group of us were sitting backstage waiting for a call to places.  It was dark and we were all dressed in digustingly torn, dirty and ripped period clothes.  Our sole male actor was in uniform.  Suddenly this girl whom I didn't really like (although SHE is a published author now) rushed in claiming to see a ghost.  She swore a man in uniform was standing in the shop area and she was petrified.  Of course we all rushed en masse to see this army ghost.

No one saw anything and I brushed it off.  I certainly didn't think anything was there.  The rest of the cast stayed huddled around her and I walked off towards my spot for places.  I hate the drama that surrounds people who believe in ghosts (believe it or not).  So anyway, there I was standing in the wings and our male cast mate, dressed in his uniform, walked up behind me.  I hissed at him to get out of here.  He was supposed to be on the other side of the stage.  And I looked over to the other side of the stage where he was supposed to be...and he was.  I turned back and the man was gone.  I think he was actually an outside spirit who had been confused by our militay bearing and drama.

That's the only ghost I ever sensed in the theater, but there's lots of ghosts there on the property.  There were some WWII barracks on the property that were supposed to be off-limits, but my theater teacher took us through them.  That place was so haunted I struggled to walk through the building.  I heard music from the 1940's, I sensed young army men with slicked back hair, I could smell cigarette smoke and even sense bodies reading magazines on their bunks.  It was the single most overwhelming psychic experience I had ever had.  My head started to ache and I started to have trouble breathing.  I told everyone it was my allergies and claustophobia, but it was really just whatever was left behind in that building.

There's also a weeping willow tree near the parking lot (at least there was) that held a very sad ghost.  I know nothing of the story or who it is, but everytime I went near the tree I was overwhelmed with sadness and smelled a cooking fire.

Also, if you go behind all of the educational buildings to the storage barrack and bus depot, there is one specific building where the theater department used to store our props.  I went in there alone one time and was attacked by something.  I kid you not, a cart was viciously shoved toward me, only there was nothing there.  Things would be thrown and you could hear stomping.  I think I saw the thing one time, and I say thing because there was nothing compassionate or human left in that spirit. I had made the mistake of closing the door behind me when I entered.  When I tried to leave, the door was stuck and I was stuck inside.  Luckily one of my friends had come with me and just stayed outside to smoke, or I really think something bad might have happened to me.  I hated that place because it just oozed of evil.

So there you are.  If you live near Columbus stop by and see if you think I am right.  If I'm not, that's okay, too. 

Tomorrow:  when paganism and my "gift" collide.


Bubblewench said...

I think Anon had some good points on your Angel post too! I do love reading your stories. Maybe a book of short stories?

Again, another fantastic post. I have been to some of the abaonded WWII batteries on the Oregon Coast and have 'felt' things when I would go through them.

FreeDragon said...

Wow. Great post.

Anonymous said...

IMO there's nothing "cheesy" about your posts! I am one reader who enjoys them a lot.

Anonymous said...

Dear Muddy,
Embrace the cheese!!!! You are letting preconceptions and past prejudices color the beauty of your writing, your feelings/fears and your experience! Weave this wonderfulness into many stories (you know you can do it!) And write a series where you can show pain, compassion, understanding and what a lot of us has a glimpse of (psychic weirdities) and run with it!!!! You have a gift and its time to wrap it up and sell it before Oprah quits her show and I can't watch you as a famous author (I used to read her - yah for me!) tell Oprah how it really is!
Do it!

EvylFashionista said...

I love reading your stories and I don't find anything "cheesy" about them. A book of short stories would be the perfect venue for these memories.

While I was living in PA, I visited the grounds of a former Rev War hosptial - lots of leftover emotions there.