Monday, May 3, 2010


I was going to blog today about the man at church yesterday who sat down with me to tell me what a bad pastor the church once had and how ungracious the pastor was when he didn't get a raise one year. Of course, the pastor ran a lot of people off from the church because he was a blankety blank blank indian (a tribe only found in my state so I can't tell you the name.) And all of the people from that tribe are crooks...not a good one in the bunch. This from a man who considers himself the most pious of Christians. Lord, protect me from your people.

But instead I have a question. I started chiropractic treatment today. I figured if I was going to take care of my emotional pain, it was time to take care of my physical pain, too. Maybe my physical pain is part of what is keeping me fat. So today was the first treatment and the two adjustments the doctor made almost killed me at the moment they were done. I'm talking white hot pain searing through my head and back causing me to almost pass out. When I told the doctor how much it hurt, he said "but a little pain now is better than the pain from surgery." I was in tears when I went to pay and the desk person told him and he called and left a message later telling me he would talk to me at my appointment tomorrow.

Has anyone else had a similar start to chiropractic treatment? Did it work out in the end? Is this doctor going to paralyze me?

Opinions please.


A said...

Chiropractic care should not cause intense pain that leaves you in tears. It is true that it can be painful, especially in the beginning, depending on your injury. However, a good chiropractor will always ask you what your pain threshold is for the day and will not try to do too much. More frequent and less invasive adjustments are usually better in the beginning of treatment and a good chiropractor will also offer various forms of therapy both before and after your adjustment to help loosen muscles and joints. If your chiropractor does not take your pain level into account *before* starting adjustments and doesn't listen to you when you tell him/her how much a particular adjustment hurt, you need to find a different chiropractor. Also be sure to check out the doctor's education. The Palmer College of Chiropractic is one of the better institutions. I have had chiropractic care most of my life, from Colorado to Ohio, and have always found the Palmer doctors to be effective and caring.

Melissa said...

Get a new one. Now. Chiro can be uncomfortable but it should NOT cause any sharp pains. It may lead to some soreness for a few days after but should not be anything like a 'white hot' pain. My aunt was a chiro and she was qualified to teach. That is BAD.

And don't listen to the chiros who claim to fix everything with an adjustment. It can relieve some neck and back problems but it won't fix asthma or anything else. If you have back or neck pain that is reducing your mobility, give it a shot. I think that's what you meant by your pain causing weight.

Since I'm commenting here, thank you for your shout-out note yesterday. I don't think it's weird that you want to give me a hug. I'd gladly take it. Guess what? Round 2 seemed to have worked, so we're in that dastardly "two week wait". Trying to Be Happy :) *hug*

Anonymous said...

I agree - while it *may* be uncomfortable, it should never hurt. Try a new one and see if the results are the same.

/ dw

Anonymous said...

I don't think pain is a good sign, agree with the others that you show find a new one.

I went briefly for a neck issue, it seemed to work ok, I agree also that you should be skeptical of those who claim a vast array of healing abilities other than basic neck and back pain.


Beth said...

No, it should not hurt. The best chiropractor I ever had also did x-rays so he could see what was REALLY going on. Then in a few months, he did some more x-rays so I could see the changes.

Green said...

I went to a chiropractor for over a decade. Both as a child, and as an adult. It never ever hurt.

My mother also went. Sometimes he would move her very suddenly and she might feel a pain that would make her scream but it was more a scream of surprise than of massive pain. Often she would be VERY tired after an adjustment and take a several-hour nap afterward.

Oh, I also worked as a receptionist for my chiropractor, so talked to many patients he treated after their adjustments. In total, I've been adjusted by three different chiropractors and have never seen anyone in tears of pain after their office visit.

What you are describing does NOT sound right to me at all. Even if it did hurt right when he moved something, it shouldn't still be hurting when you were paying. If my chiropractor had been told you were crying, he would have thrown off his schedule and taken you back into an exam room.

I would find a different chiropractor and not let this one touch you again. Please find someone new. Please don't go back to this guy. Please leave. Please Yelp the guy so others don't go through what you went through.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone else - chiropractic care should not hurt!
I had some back issues and saw a chiropractor about 10years ago. For about 8 sessions I actually felt better. Then there was the last session, because after they were done I couldn't stand up! The chiro was VERY concerned (he was probably thinking lawsuit) and got me an appointment with a well-known back surgeon that day. The surgeon checked me out, and the first order was giving me cortisone pills before attempting anything else. (No x-ray, MRI, etc. yet) The cortisone pills did wonders! Six months later, I pulled my back out again, called the office and got more cortisone. I haven't been back to the chiro (or back surgeon) since. Now and again I get occasional back pain, but it's nothing that will send me back to the chiro or the doctor (so far).

Anonymous said...

Chiropractic neck adjustments have been known to cause strokes. Google on that sentence and you'll find out plenty. I know a woman who had a major stroke at a youngish age due to one. Be careful if you go to another one, and good for you for not continuing with that guy.

Bubblewench said...

Should not be in that much pain!! Hope you've switched by now since I'm so far behind..