Saturday, May 29, 2010

How I Became a Pastor's Wife

As many long-time readers may have already inferred, my relationship with Hubby started out with a bang. I had been working at a bank and a theater and was fairly busy, to say the least. Hubby was a bank customer who spent a lot of time talking with my head teller. I thought he was cute but was really too focused on my acting to act on my attraction.

On his 26th birthday the head teller arranged for all of his employees to meet with all of the tellers at a local restaurant/bar. My best bank friend had just had a horrible break-up with her boyfriend and would only go along if I agreed to stay with her and have a "man-hating night." Of course, knowing how much fun we always had together when she went along, I agreed.

Hubby had a great time and we all bought him drinks and soon he was in no shape to drive home. In his drunkeness he kept following me around and annoying my man-hating friend. We went everywhere throughout the bar trying to escape him, but he was determined. Eventually she could see how attracted to him I was and that she was fighting a losing battle so she left in disgust and I was alone with a very drunk man.

I lived about a mile from the bank where I worked and earlier in the day Hubby had asked me if I would be attending his soiree that night. He knew I walked to work so he asked me how I intended to get home. I said, "Mr. Cota!" (That is the bus system of Columbus.) Had I not been counting money I would have seen the evil glint in Hubby's eye.

Anywho, Hubby was very drunk and in no shape to drive so of course, being the most responsible person in the world that I am, I had to offer to drive his car to my house and give him some coffee to sober up. Who knew that ride would change my life forever?

To be continued....

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