Saturday, May 8, 2010

Green with envy

When I was in college, the guy I dated on and off for 4 years, the guy whom was the guy before the guy (Hubby) was roommates with a guy whom I shall call Rocky. Rocky was a jerk who was straight, then gay, then straight, then married to a woman who walked the same path he did. So I am not sure what the relationship entails, but I get the feeling it is REALLY open.

Anywho, Rocky and I spent a lot of time in close quarters and we really disliked each other. He was jealous of the time I spent with his roommate and I just thought he was a jerk (did I mention that already?). We both graduated and I thought that would be the last I saw of him. Only he moved to California and began appearing on national commercials. Everytime I see him I have to hold on tight to the remote as I desperately fight the urge to through it threw the tv.

Then I went to see Godzilla and almost had to run screaming from the theater when his 20 foot tall ugly mug appeared on the screen. He's everywhere and very successful and I HATE HIM.

So of course, when he appeared on the guy before the guy's FB status page I had to lurk and see what he was up to. Do you know what he is up to? He is up to being friends with Nathan Fillion! I love Nathan Fillion. The show Castle is eye candy for me and my Hubby! I like Fillion and Hubby gets to see that Stana Katic woman. Everybody is happy. Until now. Now when I watch that show all I will see is Nathan and Rocky smiling over beer. ARGHHHH!!!

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Bubblewench said...

Isn't that weird to see people you know and dislike on TV??? I see one every now and then in infomercials.