Sunday, March 28, 2010


I am currently reading "Traveling with Pomegranates" by Sue Monk Kidd and her daughter, Ann. All I can say is WOW! This book was written for me to read. I was hesitant to read it knowing Kidd's religious background, but so far this is not about bible-thumping religion. It's about a journey she takes with her daughter while they are both suffering some loss of self. It's very much where I am right now. SO far it gets two thumbs up.

Food Revolution

This post was inspired by my dental hygenist's 5 year-old son who was rushed to the ER. They thought he was having a heart attack but he really had heartburn. Apparently they ONLY eat fast food.

When my daughter was 3 we traveled to Florida for Thanksgiving to visit Hubby's parents. We stopped at Wendy's to eat dinner and I ordered a potato with broccoli and cheese. My daughter kept reaching over to my potato and ended up eating all of the broccoli off of it. This is not extraordinary in our house because my daughter has always eaten broccoli. What was amazing was the reaction of the family sitting next to us. There was a mom, dad and three kids all eating burgers and fries. When the mom saw what E was doing, she leaned over to her husband and in a fairly loud voice said, "Look, that little girl eats BROCCOLI!" Like it was some foreign food and we were being abusive by allowing her to eat (gasp) a green stalky vegetable. My daughter does not like fries (how she didn't get my potato addict gene I'll never know), but she generally makes healthy choices when it comes to eating.

Many times when we go to restaurants, E drinks water because the restaurant only serves caffeinated soda or high sugar drinks. One waitress recently commented that she can't get her 6 year-old daughter to drink water, she insists on orange soda. I thoughtlessly responded "Well, we never gave her a choice." The waitress grimaced at me and I realized how pompous I sounded, but it was true. E was never allowed to have sugary drinks so she didn't get use to them.

I bring all of this up because I watched that new Jamie Oliver show where he goes into a school and tries to get kids to eat more healthy foods and he fights an uphill battle the whole way. I cook with all of my school-kids (except the 2 year olds) every week and it is a struggle to get them to try things. I was spoiled by working in a Montessori environment so long. My Montessori kids were trained from a very early age to try everything. My current kids...not so much.

I would say my current kids are a good representation of the average middle class American family. Some are wealthy, most are not. Some have a stay-at-home parent, some do not. But all of them bring in prepackaged junk food for a snack. And I don't count granola bars or even pretzels or goldfish as junk food. I mean oreo dippers, Trix yogurts, and moon pies. And when I cook something healthy with them, although they love the cooking part, most of them refuse to try the results. The only child who always tries everything is the daughter of our local chef.

But something else that came out on Oliver's TV show is that our kids are not growing up knowing how to use a knife and a fork. They are only allowed to use sporks at school, which means they are only being fed soft, spoonable food. You may think this show used the fork and spoon debate for drama on a tv show, but I can tell you, my parents freaked when they realized their kids are using plastic knives in my class to cut up bananas and spread peanut butter. It was a huge freaking deal. But I wouldn't back down and now every single one of my kids can make themselves a sandwich. Which doesn't seem like such a big deal, but it is. The child could feed him or herself if ever left home alone by accident. Or if the parent oversleeps, or is just a bad parent.

Lastly, our schools are rushing our kids through meals. My daughter's school lunch time last year was 20 minutes. That means if she didn't pack a lunch, she had 20 minutes to wait in line, get her condiments, open all of the packaging and eat. In that 20 minutes she also had to clear her spot and line up and wait for the other kids to do the same. She was being taught to inhale her food, essentially.

All of the other teachers in my school have a separate area for snack and stick to a strict 20 minute time. If a child is not finished eating their snack, too bad, they have to pack up and leave it for later. No, they are not starving, and yes, some of them are dawdling, but still....they are being taught to rush and focus just on the food. My kids eat in the classroom. We start out eating at the same time, but as a child finishes they ask to be excused and then can leave the table. I have some children that eat in 10 minutes, I have some that take 30. But no one is being asked to shove food in their mouths.

I am not the perfect mom. I pack my daughter's lunch everyday and yes, I do put lean hot pockets in there sometimes. But, my daughter, unlike me, is a very healthy weight, eats lots of different foods and will grab for an apple or banana just as soon as she will grab for a cookie. It can be done. A child can be raised to eat healthy foods. But the parents have to stop allowing the schools to feed their children processed chicken, sugared milks, spork-worthy things. A child's meal should cost the school more than $1.00 to make. I'm sorry, I know budgets are tight, but wouldn't children learn better if the food going into their bodies actually gave them energy and nutrition instead of just filling them up?

Now I will step down from my soap box and you can return to your regularly scheduled blogging.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Today on the Playground

My four year-olds were on the playground today when my cutest, most polite little boy looked at a girl and screamed, "Shut the hell up!" I immediately called him down and asked him to repeat himself. Now, I learned a long time ago not to jump to conclusions about kids and swearing. A lot of words sound like other words and most times it is harmless.

So when I asked the boy to repeat himself and he said the same thing, I very gently told him that we don't use bad words at school, they're not nice. He very sweetly smiled at me and said, "Oh, they're not bad words, mommy says that all the time."

Out of the mouths of babes....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

When Raptors Attack....

Every day after school the Raptor and I dutifully walk up to the school to pick up E. Then we dutifully walk back. As soon as we enter our house, the dog insists on rushing to the back door to be let out so as to investigate his yard and make sure no pesky squirrel has infiltrated his domain. And every day I mindlessly open the back door to allow the raptor to escape into the fenced yard.

Today was no different. I opened the door and the raptor hightailed it out of the house. Only once he was halfway across the yard did I see what had caught his attention. There, about 7 feet from our shed, was a lumbering possum trying to make a run for it to hide under the building. I started screaming at the raptor, who was in full terrier attack mode, to try to get him to stop and return to me. But it was too late, the dog was on top of the opossum (which was just as big as him.)

Everyone knows what an opossum does when it is attacked, right? They play dead. But I have never seen one do it until today. Had my dog not been the cause of its sudden fit of slumber, I might have found it insanely funny. One moment it was standing up, then just as quickly it was on its side curled up in a tight little ball. I managed to get the raptor to listen to me and called him back. Then I picked him up by the scruff of his neck and tossed him in the bath tub.

Because, you see, my state is rampant with rabies. All I could think was that he had rabid opossum saliva all over him and I didn't want him coming into contact with E or anything in our house. I scrubbed him ruthlessly with shampoo while checking him for bites. He had one small sore on his leg, but truthfully, he's clumsy and that could have been from anything.

Now, the thing I haven't mentioned is some very bad stuff has been happening in my life. Really bad, horribly bad. Mind-numbing, kill a lesser person bad. I've been holding everything together and dealing pretty well. But when I saw the raptor hit that opossum...and then I started thinking that I would probably have to get a rabies shot series....well, the dam burst. I called Hubby and screamed into the phone "I NEED YOU TO COME HOME RIGHT NOW!!!!" I don't even know why he had to come home, all I know is that he had to come RIGHT NOW! He came home and I called my dog's vet who told me OPOSSUMS DON'T CARRY RABIES. They told me to call animal control who assured me that my vet's office was right and we would all be fine.

So I calmed down a little, but several hours later as I was sitting with some church people at our church dinner recalling the events, I was still slightly agitated. It became worse when the man (a local police officer) I was telling the story to said, "At least it was only an opossum. You're lucky it wasn't a bear. We get a lot of calls about bears ON YOUR STREET!!!"

Where's my ativan? I did not need to hear that!