Thursday, January 21, 2010

Super Dog

Henceforth the raptor shall be called "The Mighty Raptor!"

Yesterday my daughter was playing with the dog in our fenced-in backyard while I was on the computer in the office. Suddenly I heard our gate slam open, a blood-curdling scream and the raptor barking his most ferocious bark. I thought someone was trying to kidnap my daughter so I flew out back to save her.

When I got outside, she started running as fast as she could towards me. It was then I saw what was going on. An 80+ pound stray boxer/akita mix had forced his way into our backyard. He had come straight for my daughter until the little 18 pound Mighty Raptor blocked his path. That little shit held off that behemoth of a beast until my daughter could get inside. Of course, my daughter being the little responsible thing that she is, she stopped to close the gate so OUR dog wouldn't get out before coming inside, trapping (or so we thought) the big dog in.

I managed to call the raptor in and called animal control, but the stray dog was so big he just lobbed himself over the fence and took off. It was scary for all, but I have to say, for the first time I am glad the raptor has aggression issues because he gave that big dog a whooping! All hail the Mighty Raptor!

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paintlady2424 said...

My niece has a five pound dog that rules the house. The 80 pound boxer backs down every time.