Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Kevin!

The person I am today did not exist when I was in college. To say that I was free-spirited would be an understatement. I worked 3 jobs to pay for college, drove 100 miles roundtrip at midnight just to visit friends at other schools and thought nothing of walking along icy boulders at 2:00 AM to get to the Huron Lighthouse near Sandusky. I was fearless and could be terrifying to others.

My junior year of college I discovered this freshman named Kevin. Kevin was from Wilkes-Barre (Don't you dare say Barry) and a music major. He was wound as tightly as I was unwound. I would watch him with the other freshman and giggle at how easily he was embarrassed by anything sexual. One day, when there was an art show of giant 5 foot hands in the music building, I caught him lying on the ground near a palm in repose. I couldn't resist myself. He barely knew me but I went over and straddled him like a pommel horse. He turned the darkest shade of beet red humanly possible and yelled "LIMW! GET OFF OF ME!!!" And right then and their our friendship was born.

I would be his staunchest supporter when he came out of the closet and had a devastating relationship with a mutual friend we shared; he would hold me through the night, night after night, in the months after my brother died and I was terrified to sleep for fear of seeing him. We were a great gay/straight couple.

One week I drove him from Ohio to Pa to visit his family. Coincidentally his Grandma J was taking senior bus trip to Atlantic City and invited us along. She paid for everything and even gave us each $100.00 to bet. There was only one requirement...since this trip took place on Sunday, we had to go to a Catholic mass in NJ prior to gambling. She took us to the church and we sat through the shortest mass in the history of the Catholic church. The entire thing, from start to finish, took 20 minutes. We called it the "Gambler's Special." The poor priest was obviously just going through the motions, knowing we all couldn't wait to dip and drip so we could gamble our money away.

Whenever I think of Kevin, I think of that day. I think of us avoiding the security guards because he was underage and I think of the long ride back on the bus where I think his grandma watched to see if there was any sign that I could turn him straight.

I tried to turn him, I did. In fact, when I found out he had actually slept with a woman once just to try it (even though I was married by then), I was pissed. It should have been me. I think Hubby would have overlooked that one indiscretion. In fact, Kevin's going to read this and get mad at me for airing his dirty laundry.

But tough, Kevin, I love you and Mr. Blue and I hope you had the world's greatest birthday yesterday. If I lived in a city that actually had a Chi Chi's, I would have gone out for a raspberry margarita in your honor. I miss you!


Anonymous said...

Will you ever cease to not shock me? No! I pictured an image of a Rocky Horror Picture show homage where a wife is saying, "But dear, it was just a mercy f--k; it didn't even dent our vows! Why its only something any friend would give another . . ." All the while hubby wide eyed blinks, gestures and starts several times to say something and yet no words come out while behind the lite up canvas wall of your kitchen a light illuminates the church choir singing "Joyful, joyful we adore thee, God of Glory Lord of love . . ." just for the drama. Then both of you gesture during the dramatic parts of the music while the choir sings forcefully!
Keep up the good work of being real by being you!
Desert Dweller

Bubblewench said...

Happy birthday Kevin!! You seem to be one awesome friend. :)

drawer queen said...

I have a Kevin too, and his one trip to the other side was with a woman named Phyllis and I hate her to this day. Maybe he couldn't overlook my husband and children.....