Sunday, November 15, 2009

It had to be the fire alarm

When E was 5 she was attending kindergarten at our local public school. She had already been tested for the gifted program and so would stay in her K class for science and social studies but walk (by herself) from the far end of the K hall all the way through the school to the farthest end of the 1st grade hall so she could take 1st grade math and reading. Imagine a Giant H. That's how E's school was designed.

Now remember, my daughter has severe issues with anxiety. Enough that we sought treatment. But she has reason to be anxious, she's got my weirdness magnet. One day while she was walking from K to 1st, the school fire alarm went off. E had left the K hall but hadn't made it into the 1st grade hall. She was stuck in the bar of the of the H so to speak. When the alarm went off the doors automatically closed. I guess that's to contain the fire if there is one. E was too tiny to be able to open them by herself, so she was trapped in a hall all alone with the alarm blaring. No one thought to look for her, however, because the K teacher thought the 1st grade teacher had her and the 1st grade teacher thought the K teacher had her. You can imagine how scared she was. The principal found her on his final swing through the school.

Well, fast forward to today. E has been struggling again with her anxiety. I think it is because she is so lonely. There's no kids to run out and play with here. Several weeks ago there was a fire at her school. The alarm went off and all the kids filed outside while it was put out. I thought E was okay with it, but she wasn't.

Then I had my lovely little toaster oven fire and her nerves just became shot. One thing happened and another and we discovered her anxiety overwhelmed her leading to some embarrassment at school. So Hubby and I have been diligently doing our best to try to comfort her and still not allow her to succumb to her fears. It's not easy but we were doing it, until last night that is....

Our fire alarm went off in the middle of the night. Not just the "beeping to alert you that the battery needs changing", but the big, long terrifying, blinding-white noise alarm. I struggled out of my sleep and charged through the house to get to E in case there really was a fire. There wasn't (we still don't know why our alarm went off) but she was shaking uncontrollably. So was I, as a matter of fact. But now we have to start over. Of course it had to be the alarm!

On a side note, my car is possessed. Something is going wrong with my key clicker and the doors keep locking themselves over and over. I try to get in and it keeps locking. It's quite comical to see me outside begging my car to let me in.


Claire said...

Shame on the school for allowing your daughter to walk the halls alone. I am a Kindergarten teacher and in our school system in Virginia no child is ever in the halls alone, they must always walk in pairs. You might bring this up with your school principal and make a suggestion to change. If a child needs to go to another class to stay, then 3 children leave our room, 2 to escort the one child who will stay in first grade. Then it is repeated when your Kindergartner must return to her own class. Suggest now that this safety issue be changed immediately at your daughter's school. Check me out on my blog

Anonymous said...

Its a message. These things aren't random for someone with psychic links; someone is trying to get a message to you. Look at it calmly and the answer will come to you.

FreeDragon said...

I have to agree with anonymous, there's a message somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I had severe anxiety growing up. Maybe she needs medication when it gets bad. Honestly, it's tough to live with, it can cast a pall over your whole childhood. At least she has caring parents.