Saturday, October 10, 2009

Thoughts after two glasses of wine

Do you every think about where you come from and who you are? Where you really come from? And who you really are? Not the city or state, but the nitty-gritty core?

I come from the river surrounded by grist mills and cliffs, where scientists and college students exhange banter and banality.

I come from a dad who can down several pints of ale and still name all of the elements on the Periodic table. I come from a mom raised in the ash of the coal mines and the by the whip of the belt.

I come from the coldest of cold and the hottest of hot. I am from the land where the wind blows bitter and where the swamps take over. I am where the Midwest meets the South.

I am the sister of ashes 6 feet under and the wife of the the man who can offer comfort to those beyond comfort.

I am "you'ns" and "Y'all" all rolled into one. I am both "Mommy" and "Woman" and balance between the two.

I am fondue on Christmas Eve and ham on Easter. I am the corner stool in the corner bar and the last row in the movie theater.

I am the whispered about one, the one who holds the line in the lost relatives and keeps the secrets no one must tell. I am the gift that jumps generations and the curse that follows.

I am the alto voice you call on when you marry and again when you put your loved ones to rest. I am the person your children lean on when their scissors don't feel right and they can't cut a line; and again when they're older, and their hearts break from the loss of their first loves.

I am the person who holds the last rope when all else fails. And who won't let go...who never let's go...who will catch you even when your falling will crush me.

I am all of these things...and so much more.


Jeannie said...

After two glasses of wine, my only thoughts are of a third.

Vile said...

What a beautiful post!

Linda and Denny said...

Dang woman--if that's how well you write after two glasses of wine, perhaps you should have a third!

Bubblewench said...

That is an amazing post.

pamela said...

Hugs to you, and, wow. Please keep drinking if your going to write like that.
That was as sad and sweet as any Irish lullabye... just lovely.

Anonymous said...

When will you realize the world doesnt revolve round you??? As poetic as your post may be (bbbbbleh.....I think i just had part of my breakfast come up from the back of my throat), you need to check your victim self at the door and just deal with stuff. Go see a shrink or find someone you can confine in. Yes - you have your fans - yes - but many of us who read your whining are truly sickened by your constant me me me me poor me me oh, I've got it so bad - bitch bitch moan moan moan bitch complain "I've seen ghosts" - I am SO ESP - I can't wake up - bitch bitch bitch moan - I am married to hubby - complain - I hate the neighbors - I hate E's teachers - i am so much better than ANYONE - I am better than the people I overhear at the store - cream cheese cream cheese fondue furniture . . . . . bleh bleh bleh bleh blah. Fucking deal with it all you fucking bitch. The world IS NOT out to get you (really!!!)

love twice removed,
the blog bitch

p.s. fuck your crying. If your're daughter reads this blog years from now, I would hate to have her think her mom was a wuss. you wuss. who fuking cares if I am anonymous - either way you are a whining bitch - will you EVER be happy ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? no you won't. throw in the towel now. I'd hate to see you suffer any longer.

evilsloth4 said...

LIMW, I'm glad you left this comment up. I had to read it to someone just now because it sounds like some people I know. Too funny.