Saturday, October 3, 2009

Retreat Update

Hubby broke the rules to call me.

There was speaking in tongues! (not by him)

Definitely not my cup of tea.

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Pudge450 said...

In my early twenties, I attended a church with a friend. There was speaking in tongues and falling out in the floor and other things. I was not expecting this. It scared the "heck" out of me. But I didn't believe it then or now. Just too scripted. All of those women "overcome with the spirit" never hit the floor. There was always someone to catch them and ease them down where they rolled around and spewed nonsense. I think they were serial fainters. How humiliating! My God is a dignified God and I think he should be worshiped with dignity.

Also, the speaking in tongues thing... I know the Bible speaks of this.... but those were people speaking in many tongues.... because they came from other countries.... They spoke different languages. I just communicate with God in English. He knows the language.

I think you got it right...CULT.
NOBODY is removing me from my ability to communicate and leave when I'm ready. That is a first step to mind control/manipulation. After all, your husband has already dedicated his whole life to God. Anything this retreat has to offer should be done in with a willing participant... not a semi-captive.

Sorry, these things just ring my bell and get me started.

I admire that you remain true to your personal beliefs as much as you are able and be supportative of your husband at the same time.
It is probably a bit of a juggling act for him too, between the Church and a wife who thinks for herself.