Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Morning Greeting

Posted by Anonymous:

When will you realize the world doesnt revolve round you??? As poetic as your post may be (bbbbbleh.....I think i just had part of my breakfast come up from the back of my throat), you need to check your victim self at the door and just deal with stuff. Go see a shrink or find someone you can confine in. Yes - you have your fans - yes - but many of us who read your whining are truly sickened by your constant me me me me poor me me oh, I've got it so bad - bitch bitch moan moan moan bitch complain "I've seen ghosts" - I am SO ESP - I can't wake up - bitch bitch bitch moan - I am married to hubby - complain - I hate the neighbors - I hate E's teachers - i am so much better than ANYONE - I am better than the people I overhear at the store - cream cheese cream cheese fondue furniture . . . . . bleh bleh bleh bleh blah. Fucking deal with it all you fucking bitch. The world IS NOT out to get you (really!!!)

love twice removed,
the blog bitch

p.s. fuck your crying. If your're daughter reads this blog years from now, I would hate to have her think her mom was a wuss. you wuss. who fuking cares if I am anonymous - either way you are a whining bitch - will you EVER be happy ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? no you won't. throw in the towel now. I'd hate to see you suffer any longer.

That was lovely. Thanks for your thoughts. Hate much?

Anywho, on to why I am not getting the swine flu shot.

First, let me say, I think the shot is completely safe. My decision not to get the shot has nothing to do with the mass media warnings about the shot. I got the flu shot for the first time last year and got the regular flu shot again this year. I did it for convenience. I work in the childcare field and get exposed to everything. I just didn't want to get a full blown case of the flu. And E will get the regular flu shot. The flu is going through her classroom right now, so we don't want to get her the shot when we know it is coming, it just makes the flu worse. But when the rush of kids with the flu to the doctor's office eases off, she will get the regular vaccine.

Second, I am fairly certain I had the swine flu last year. I even blogged about it

Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Going on Record
Okay, I'm going to go to go record and say that before this month is over, there is going to be a lot more discussion regarding this year's flu reports. We have been hearing all flu season how the flu vaccinations given this year "hit the mark" and did "pretty well" at fighting it off. Tell that to my school. We had someone come in and vaccinate the whole school in November and today we had a less than 40% attendance rate. The culprit, the flu. And it's starting to trickle out into our community. This may be the worst season in a long time.

The more I learn about the H1N1 flu, the more convinced I am that that is what went through my school last year. Specifically the rebound the flu seems to have. All of my kids got sick, seemed to get better and then got worse.

But last, and most important, I am not afraid of the H1N1 flu in its current form. I am afraid of what it is going to mutate into. I would rather E get this flu now, when she is healthy and I have time to be with her 24 hours a day to monitor her and nurse her to health then her get it when it is truly deadly and have no immunity to it. The flu vaccines wear off very quickly. It's not like our 25 year MMR shots. If she gets the actual flu, her body will create a natural immunity to it and possibly protect her in the years to come. How long will the next H1N1 vaccine take to get on the market? Will all of the people who never had the real flu have time to wait for the vaccine to come out?

And if you think I am being reactionary and far-fetched, think of MRSA. My entire family had it. It was the single-most scariest disease I can imagine. It took round after round of antibiotics before we finally got rid of it. No one thought bacteria would mutate to become so deadly. Will that happen to H1N1? I don't know. What I do know is that I believe in ibuprofen. I know I can stay awake for 72 solid hours to watch and monitor my child for any danger signs. I know that E has the healthiest immune system I have ever seen. I do not, but I still am willing to get the flu.

So, Enthusiastic, that is why I am not getting the swine flu vaccine. It may not make sense to anyone but me. I do think the media has caused a huge panic and feeds off the frenzy and I don't want to buy into it. I am not speaking for anyone else and think anyone who has health issues should get the vaccine. But I will end with this. Last year, when all of my school kids got the flu, the only children who never got sick were my organic, chemical free children. I worked at a posh private school and about 10 percent of my kids were raised with no chemicals. They never got sick. Just food for thought.


pamela said...

Good morning?

I honestly got stuck after reading that,
'comment'.... What the ?

Someone seriously wrote that? Pity that they have nothing better to do...

Hope you have a good day to spite them!

charli-tan said...

The fuck???

Why is it behind the computer people turn into assholes. Anon is wonderful, no? Here post this:

Dear Anon,

I am loathe to post this particular comment to you, as you are CLEARLY suffering from some kind of mental illness or delay and I do not believe in agression towards those challenges. What other kind of person takes the time to tell a total stranger how much they suck? And then do it without leaving a valid means of being held accountable?

here's the thing, you are wrong. try to come to grips with that, I'll give you moment. LIMW doesn't have "fans" she has "friends" some of us who have known her forever and a day and know better than you. I know, that in all of you faceless glory, it is hard to blieve that anyone could know better than you, but try to accept it.

You attacked a pastors wife and by proxy, her child. that's classy! You called a complete stranger a fucking bitch simply because you did not agree with what she wrote. you are giving your fellow haters a bad name. You know, the other faceless scab eaters such as yourself who call their mindless hurtful words "criticism" so they don't have to deal with the darkness inside them. Do you stop to think about how your verbal vomit might make someone feel? Do you care that there is a human being behind this blog? Or are you too lost to whatever demons consume you to care?

LIMW is my friend. She's not some faceless stranger who's blog I stumbled on. She is my real life, in person, fleah and blood friend and a damn good one at that. you, on the other hand are a faceless mouth breather without the courage to even sign your fucking NAME to your words. Right there, she win's.

You called her a fucking bitch, but you got that one wrong. She is not the bitch, I am. So, you are welcome to continue your nameless mind dump if that's what gets you off, but I am not afraid to be real. I would sign my name, but I wll not risk outing LIMW. So, come on over to my blog and comment back to me. Nither I nor anyone else it seems, is in the mood to ignore you.

Serioulsy, who calls a pastors wife a fucking bitch for posting her own life experiences on her own blog? I for one would love to know."

I have no time or will for people like this. People too bain dead to realize that there is a HUMAN BEING on the other side of the blog post. Asshat.

Bubblewench said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bubblewench said...

Sorry had to delete first comment..

What Charli-Tan said.... I just can't get over evil asshole people like that.. anonymous too.. CHICKENSHIT!

I won't get the shot either.

catherine said...

Seriously, to the anon asshole commenter-GTFO if you don't like it, and don't let the doorknob hit you on the ass!!

LIMW do you have IP tracking?

Living in Muddy Waters said...

I do have IP tracking, but to be honest, I am not exerting any more thought or energy on the anon. If they don't like me, they can move on. But they sure did know a lot about me for not liking me!

Anonymous said...


This is why I don't have a blog. I couldn't deal with that sh!t.

(apologies for my occasional attitudes)

Wondering if this is your husband's stalker that you mentioned awhile back?


Anonymous said...

Its sad that someone has to put such effort into a hate filled message and to obsessively follow you and what you say. I suppose its better they wrote than sitting at home kicking their dog or abusing their family members.
Too bad you don't have a blogg buddy who you could read each others mail and delete the mean ones and not have get that personal venom on you.
Desert Dweller

Kate said...

I will never understand why some people decide to take the time to leave a hate spewed message rather than just leave someone's blog if they don't like reading it. It makes me pretty sad that someone has that bad of a life.

Well, I like your blog a lot, Muddy Waters :) Keep on writing!


Anonymous said...

Ya know, if you don't like a particular blog, there's a little "x" at the top of the page and you NEVER have to come here again. I'd insult anon, but that person is already a miserable fuck so need to rub that in.

Maybe you have a case of the dooce haters? Another set of lovely (not) human beings.

I'm signing my name this time 'cause I don't need to hide behind "anon."


Anonymous said...

Don't know that I can say it any better than it's already been said, but seriously, she (I'm guessing it's a she) obviously had not only read, but remembered every blog you've ever posted. Even some from your previous blog, possibly? I am pretty sure I know who you suspect it might be, and honestly, you could be right, although that still seems marginally outrageous to me. Regardless, this anon. clearly enjoys making herself ill if she reads you so religiously.
You know I love ya.
PS, Mario says hi.