Sunday, October 18, 2009

Birds do it...Bees do it....

First off, I have to tell you I found the cure to my fast food addiction. I watched "Supersize Me" on Hulu. I may never eat McDonalds again and I haven't eaten fast food since. Ick! So I have been doing a lot of cooking at home. Friday night, though, our church fed the homeless and it would have been really late for E by the time we got home and I made dinner and we got her to bed, so we went to our local Italian place for dinner.

While we were there, a couple with a three week old baby sat in the booth behind us. E's birthday is coming up in a few weeks and Hubby and I were reminiscing about E's baby days. It's kind of sad to know that I will never have another baby and get to experience all of that cuteness. Sad, but not sad enough to make me change my mind and have another child!

Anywho, E was listening to Hubby and I talk when Hubby asked me if I wanted to have another baby. E piped in and said, "Mommy can't have another baby, Daddy. You've been spayed." I stifled my laughter and corrected her. "No, honey, Daddy's been neutered." To which Hubby got all huffy and corrected me.

But it got me to thinking, E must have some semblance of how babies are made even though we haven't talked to her much about it. We follow the "Answer questions when asked" approach. So I asked her if she knows where babies come from. She very astutely answered that babies are made in their mommies wombs and come out their private parts. So I pushed her a little harder. How did the babies get in their mommies wombs? She didn't know but wanted to. Both Hubby and I were stumped. What is the correct thing to say at 7? How much is too much? So I said, "Well, honey, I have an egg in my uterus and Daddy has these things called sperm that kind of look like teeny tiny tadpoles. They join together to make a baby." But then, E asked, "Well, what about single mommies?" And this, for some reason, is where Hubby decided to join the conversation: "Sometimes they are divorced or the daddy doesn't live with them." This would have been a good place to stop, but then he said, "But sometimes doctors put them in the mommies." I halted the conversation right there. I thought that was too much information. E was confused, I was lost and Hubby, well, he was just a little too technical. So I told E we would get a book for 8 year olds and read it together.

I really think you need a license to have a kid!


Devi said...

did you get the McGurgles? thats our favorite part of supersize me. its sort of the catch phrase around our house.

good luck with the talkin'. ugh. thats all i'm gonna say. ugh

Charli-tan said...

That is so funnay about E because I did the same thing with O, almost the exact same way, only i told him that the daddy's seed gets in teh momy and that the baby grows. i told him the seed gets there lots of ways. He wasn't confused, he just wanted detail. At 7. How much is too much??? He wanted to know, so if the doctor doesn't put the seed in the mommy, how does teh daddy get it in...? uh... where's my hand book?

Also, link to my new blog is included. I am transferring over what i want from my LJ and am goign to start blogging at the new place. Lots of reasons, too many for a comment.

this is posted under anew neam... seemed appropriate, but I will always be the ever present CHARLI-TAN! LOL!

Bubblewench said...

That is funny and cute and scary all at the same time!

Glad to know there are books out there.

Anonymous said...

Mario's teacher is pregnant, and when he found out he said, "Mommy, why is Mrs. T having a baby?" I though, oh no, how far does this go for a 5-yr-old? I said "Because she wants to be a mommy." He said "Ok." I breathed a huge sigh of relief.


Anonymous said...

I bought about 3 different books and read chapters with R. when we were both ready. Ha! I recommend the American Girl books.