Wednesday, September 30, 2009


In my quest to lose 40 pounds by the time I turn 40, I have started religiously going to the local Y to swim every other day. While I was in the locker room changing out of my swimsuit, I was listening to two older women talking about recipes.

Woman 1: I have discovered something. It's great! I've been putting it in everything!

Woman 2: Really? What is it?

Woman 1: Cream Cheese! Man, that is some good stuff. Have you ever tried cream cheese before?

To which I just about choked on my own laughter. Here I thought she was going to say some new form of wasabi, or flavored vinegar, or blue eggplant. Something that hasn't been around for 50 years. But to her...cream cheese is the food of the Gods.

Yeah...I got to get me some of that.


Jeannie said...

That's too funny! But the way my mother's generation cooked, cream cheese would have been a very opulent addition. And even funnier - I rediscovered cream cheese the past week. I bought some meaning to make a cheese cake but my daughter got into it so it's made it's way into mashed potatoes and sandwiches...yup - we're into the 2nd pkg, that is some good stuff. lmao

Bubblewench said...

Wow! Who woulda thunk..

I did find recently a Yougurt/cream cheese mix that is WAY yummier then just plain cream cheese. ;)

catherine said...

Man are they going to be in for a wakeup call, lol.
Cream cheese is yummy goodness, but it is loaded with calories, and fat if you get regular.
It reminds me of my MIL and her sister who were scarfing down these "lifestyle" macadamia nut cookies. You know the kind: "no fat extra healthy and good for you too" that advertizing companies try to make you believe. They both are always on perpetual diets.
I looked on the label and 1 cookie, about 1.5 inches across, had 50 calories!!!! They were 3/4 done the bag, LOL!

Paige said...

Wooh! That could have been me. But it is yogurt with me, Thank God

Anonymous said...

When changing how you eat its hard to find substitutes for what you crave. Like ice cream. I really love vanilla.
So I was making jasmine rice (so fragrant!) and adding plain yogurt, a dash of agave nectar to sweeten it and either dried cranberries, blueberries, raisins or dates to give it a kick. Now I've switched to oatmeal with the yogurt and dried fruit and its still filling that need.
Last week I made red potatoes with skins, mashed them with a small chunk of butter and instead of milk just used a little of their own water to make them creamier. I didn't really miss the milk. I tried the mashed potatoes with yogurt but it just wasn't quite right. Yogurt in the smoothies isn't bad. I've switched from milk to almond milk on cereal and that works well.