Friday, September 18, 2009

Conversations in the Doctor's Office

Monday morning at new doctor for my physical. Throat's a little scratchy, thought it was allergies. Nurse gives me a flu shot before the doctor sees me.

Doctor jumps in, bouncy, energetic cheerleader kind of gal.

Looks in my throat.

Doc: "You didn't get your flu shot already, did you?'

Me: "Yes, she just gave it to me."

Doc: "Uh-oh!"

Me: "Um, Doc, I don't like uh-ohs."

Doc: "You'll be fine. You just have a virus coming on, I wouldn't have recommeded you get a flu shot. It just might make you feel bad for a couple of days."

Me: "Crap."

Tueday- fever shoots up, phlegm takes over, fatigue overwhelms, I am on death's door.

Wednesday- thinking I might die from the flu. Can anybody save me?

Thursday- have to drive 6 hours to go get my mom who will be staying for the week. Am I being tortured on purpose?

Today-feeling better but trying to play catch up.

Healthy LIMW will return with full sentences in a day or two. Wait until I tell you about the very strange socialites I met!

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Paige said...

Feel better soon!

Ha--my word verifcation word is "piker". Hmm