Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Am I the only person in the world who has really weird flashbacks? Not drug-related flashbacks, but just very vivid moments when you completely relive 2 or 3 seconds of your life? For example, for absolutely no reason, I was just sitting here at my computer working on my new theater stuff and I suddenly remembered this guy I used to work with named Ron. Ron was a stoner-type guy, who(m?) at 19, was already rocking a beer gut (don't you HATE that song?) and took pride in the fact that he hadn't brushed his teeth in 10 years. Yes, I said TOOK PRIDE in that fact. The funny thing was, once you got past the odor and the gruffness, he was a really decent guy! I never understood why he wouldn't brush his teeth.

Anywho, Ron has nothing to do with what I am going to write about today, I just felt compelled to share that. I wanted to update you on my life. It seems I had some sort of Matrix-like glitch where almost all things bad have been reversed. Our sanctuary didn't receive as much damage as we first thought. It doesn't have to be torn down and the company at fault isn't even making the church pay out of pocket, they are taking the invoices as they come and paying them outright. This means that we can ask for our furniture. In fact....someone from the church is picking up our loveseat on FRIDAY!!!!! We don't even have to pick it up (it's an hour away). We may not get all of our requests, but they have approved a few of them. Whoo hoo.

Then I got an email from the person who hired/fired me and she asked me to hold off a few more days on my job search because she is fighting the system to try to bring me onboard. She wholeheartedly admits she may be running at windmills, but she really wants me on her team. That made me feel better at least.

And lastly, I have started working on the new theater program. It's funny, I have been on the ground floor of 4 theaters now. One is still-going and very successful, one shut down within the first year, mine I shut down because I hated being the boss of adults and now this one. I have this negative track that runs in my head telling myself that I can't believe I'm doing this. That I am not qualified or that I don't have the intelligence to do this well. And yet, there I was sitting in the meeting to discuss how we were going to structure this new company and I did know what I was talking about. I knew the legal issues. I knew the physical structure needs. I knew technical advertising stuff. The people just kept looking at me and telling me how glad they were that they found me. I kind of surprised myself. Now I just have to convince myself I am qualified to produce a real-live stage production for money paying people. OH ASSASSIN!! Can you help me out?

Anywho, both Wide Lawns and FreeDragon were passing on their good karma through their blogs so I am going to continue the trend. I am sending you all the warm, gooshy positiveness I can. I hope the Anon who lost their air-conditioning goes to a cooling center. I lived in Houston for 6 years, I KNOW that heat! Stay safe. I'm off to scrub my house while my little puppy is at the vet getting neutered. He's doing okay as well. We're working with him and now that our house is quiet, he's responding fairly well. We still have a long way to go, but we love him.


Anonymous said...

Got my air back on just in time for heat warnings coming out this weekend. Thanks for caring I just felt so bummed by so many things about this house and things going wrong. Discovered that my dining room table piled high with books got soaked because the air conditioning water part on the roof got jostled and followed the ductwork to soak my ceiling, table, floor, books; but I'm really happy that the air is working!

assassin said...

Yes, you are qualified and fully capable of putting on a spectacular show to satisfy even the most discriminating paying customer. So there. And if all else fails, you can turn it into a cabaret and pursue your own entertainment career.