Thursday, August 13, 2009

17 Pounds of Vicious Attack Dog and Other Updates

Hello all. Sorry I have been absent. I have been teaching a summer camp, training for my new job working with developmentally challenged toddlers and our house has been filled with workmen for over 10 days now. It's been a little crazy here, but I wanted to catch you up on what's been happening with my life.

First, my mom spiraled down again to a dangerous place. Her GP feels that her Prozac(which she has been taking for 10 years) has stopped working for her so they have changed her to Cymbalta. Hopefully she'll get some relief because her anxiety has been so high that I could see it on her face via our Skype conversations.

My 40 by 40 Journey is going slowly but well. I have lost 2 pounds (those snowcones were killing me!) and we have put $125 into our vacation fund. Sadly, my guitar is still lonely, but I expected that until E goes back to school. So I feel good about my progress.

But what I really want to write about today is the raptor. And I wish I were kidding about the raptor, but I am not. Our part Jack Russell, maybe part chihuahua, maybe part whippet, young SPCA dog is just a lot insane. He has no sense of personal space or how to control his super powers because he will come in from outside, take a gigantic bounding leap and clear the couch to land on E's head. He constantly needs to play even though we take him for two walks a day and he follows us around, nipping at Hubby's feet. We have to stuff a Kong with stewed carrots just to get a break. But all of this is fine with us and things we can work with. It is the Vicious Killer Attack Dog part of him that concerns us.

As I said, we have been having workers in and outside of our house for a while now. This is how we have discovered that he doesn't like men....especially men carrying anything in their hands. The poor contractor in charge of our house repair had to shut the door in Eddie's face to prevent an attack. Eddie will charge anyone or anything that he feels threatened, other dogs, pants hanging on a hanger! It's pretty bad. He even threw his body between me and Hubby when Hubby dared to enter the room with a knife in his hand. There was no way Eddie was letting Hubby stab me! He has even growled and snapped at E twice when she tried to pick him up. Now the obvious solution to that problem is that she has stopped picking him up.

But I am very concerned about his aggressive behavior. I don't feel that he would attack me, E or Hubby, but everyone else seems to be fair game. He is getting neutered in two weeks, so I hope that helps. If it doesn't I will be consulting my friend who is a dog trainer. So no worries, we are not getting rid of him. We love him too much. I just wish I knew what happened to him in his former life.

Lastly, I have to end with a story about a man I met last weekend. Our church was having a yard sale and this 70ish, well-coiffed gay man was telling me about his two poodles. One was 5 or 6 pounds and white with a bad temper whom he called Elvira. The other was larger, all black and loved everyone. Her name was Boom-boom. Well Boom Boom was going blind so he told me everyone had suggested he change her name to Stevie Wonder. He said this to me, expecting me to laugh. When I didn't, he tried to change the subject by saying, "You know what my two favorite things in the world are? (lifts one hand and sqooshes a ball in the air) Yard Sales and (lifts other hand and squooshes) Chorus Groups. My two favorite things, I don't know what I love more!" And then he swished away. I was left wondering what the hell had just taken place. But that's CountryTime for you. Home of the killer raptor and racist older gay men.


Green said...

LIMW, your dog was abused before you got him. It could not be more obvious unless your dog spoke these words out loud. You need a dog trainer to work one on one (so, not dog school) with your dog.

You may want to get your dog a crate so he has a safe, secure place to go when feeling threatened or upset.

Living in Muddy Waters said...

Green, we know that he was abused. I'm beginning to think that the "hit by a car" story was more "someone tried to beat the crap out of him!" We're going to work with him. And he came to us crate trained and house trained, so he has a safe little spot with his crate.

Just FYI, this is not our first abused dog rescue, just the most aggressive one. We'll do anything we need to do to make him more social...I promise.

Anonymous said...

How is referencing a famous blind person racist? In poor taste, perhaps, but racist?

Beth said...

I call shennanigans on the racist comment as well. Everyone is so quick to call racism these days. His comment was in no way racist.