Monday, August 31, 2009

Just Add Salt

My name appeared in our local paper this Sunday for the emerging theater I am working with. I was labeled as a "seasoned stage and screen actor." That made me giggle, but then it made me say "HEY!! Doesn't seasoned mean old?" I'm OLD??!!! I don't know that I would describe myself that way, but I guess they are trying to make me look like someone you would want to take classes from.

It made me think of my experience with Summer Stock when I was in college. I was lucky enough to work with the oldest continuously running summer theater in the state. It was an incredible amount of work for very little pay, but it did a lot for my self-esteem. For you see, I am one of the only BA theater majors from my college to never have been cast in a stage show. Sad, but true. I made some mistakes my freshman year because I was working 3 jobs to pay for college and that labeled me as "undedicated." I was never able to overcome that. Eventually I began to internalize it as "untalented."

But I went to the theater alliance association auditions which cast summer programs for all over the state, and I was accepted to several. I chose the one I ended up at because of the season. They were doing Glass Menagerie, Guys and Dolls and You Can't Take It With You. In my beaten state I thought, well, I should be able to get some good chorus experience with Guys and Dolls. So I went, auditioned for the specific shows and something amazing happened. The lead director took me aside privately and told me that I was wanted for both the part of Laura in Menagerie AND the part of Adelaide in Guys and Dolls. But this was a training program and they couldn't cast me in both. Which one did I want?

I was floored. Here I thought I sucked and they were offering me not one but TWO dream roles. I chose Laura because I am a huge fan of Tennessee Williams. The role of Adelaide went to the only other person from my college at that program. At home she was extremely popular among the faculty but only got bit parts at school. And you know what...SHE WAS HORRIBLE AS ADELAIDE. They cast her because she looked the part. Think tall, willowy Marilyn Monroe-esque. But they didn't catch onto the fact that she was tone deaf. She had sung a prepared song for the auditions, not one chosen at random, so she appeared good.

The rehearsals for the musical were painful and the director started pulling his hair out. Adelaide, while not the lead, was important to the show. She had to sing. So the director started staging me as close to her as he could and had me sing behind her to keep her on pitch. I felt bad for her, since I had been struggling at school and knew what it was like to have everyone think you had no talent. I tried to help her as best I could and we managed.

When we got back to school, she ignored me, slept with one of the drama teachers and started getting cast. Yes, it happens all the time. I am not making it up or being bitter. She did what she had to do to get cast. But our senior year she seemed to remember what I had done for her and asked me to assistant direct her Senior Play, which just happened to be another Tennessee Williams show. She didn't have the depth to understand it and once again asked me to help her out. Which I did. I needed the experience to put on my resume. Finally, I was noticed by the faculty but it was too late and I was bitter.

But I got the last laugh. ME...little old me who never got cast, who never got any attention, who was told I didn't have the fire to succeed went to the theater alliance auditions one more time. All of the graduating seniors did. We all wanted acting jobs straight out of school and this was the best way to get it. I auditioned with the supposedly talented "other" group and no one expected much from me. But I got 29 callbacks and 5 or 6 job offers. More than any other student from my college EVER...Ah, it was a sweet moment. I went on to join an acting company and lasted longer than most of my fellow alumni, but I never forgot how badly I was treated. It's a lot of what causes me to be so hard on myself now.

So anywho, the whole reason I wrote this post today was not because I wanted to gloat (okay, maybe a little) but because I am about to send another round of my children's stories out today in search of a publisher. I am trying really hard to remind myself that everything is not always what it seems and sometimes I am my own worst enemy. I want to send them out with positive energy attached. My old creative writing teacher was interviewed in my alumni magazine last month. He was always so supportive of me and tried to get me to change my major several times, but I was stubborn. So I am going to cling to my memories of his class and my experience with kids and storytelling and I am going for it. Please send your good thoughts my way. Since I won't have the income from the good job coming in, I really need to make money another way.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Southern Segregation

I have to tell you, Pat Conroy is one of my favorite authors. And it is not because he has such gripping, traumatic storylines, it is because the water always plays such an important part in his stories. If you are a water person you will understand this. I have lived next to the water almost all my life. My moods and emotions are tied into the tide (hee hee). Seriously. There is a slower pace of life amongst those of us who live by the ocean, or the river, or a harbor. The southern accents are different here and people live by a code of life that is fast disappearing elsewhere.

But the other reason I like Pat Conroy is he gives a realistic portrayal of racial issues in the south. If you have never read "The Water is Wide" I highly recommend you read it. If you think we have come a long way in racial issues, you don't live where I live.

Now I know several of you called me out on the flamboyant southern man whom I felt was racist. I concede that point. His comment was in bad taste, but maybe not racist. But still, I always try to look at things from a non-white person's perspective. There's a history there that can't be denied.

I knew moving to our new town that we were going to be in the minority. Our town is 57% black. The thing that is different in our town is that our town, way back when, fell on the side of the Underground Railroad and abolitionist supporters. How can that affect today, you ask? Ask the black and white families of Pop 259 who share the same last name and the same plantation owner as a great-grandfather. It matters. Our town appeared to have a great balance and good relations between black and white people. That's what I thought...until E went back to school.

Apparently a lot of the white parents hand-picked their teachers for their kids. The principal said that he wasn't going to honor those requests, but he did. So what we have in E's grade are three classes of 98% white students and 2 classes of 98% black students. E is in an almost all black class. I really don't care except for the fact that I am afraid it might make it a little harder for her to make friends since she already has to cross the "new to town" barrier and now has to cross the race barrier, too.

But what disturbs me is that the parents created this situation. And the other white parents keep telling me I need to do something and get E into a white class. They seem to think I am crazy for holding my ground. I have met E's teacher, I have read her letters home, I have seen her give my daughter extra attention to make her feel comfortable. To me the teacher is more important than the class. We're staying put. But shame on these parents and this principal for allowing segregation to exist. How are we ever going to move forward?

Anyway, my rant for the day is done. I did want to let you all know that Dionne was released from prison and all but "accessory after the fact" charges were dropped. He will be on probation for two years and must attend school or maintain a full-time job, but he has been released. Thank the Universe!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Am I the only person in the world who has really weird flashbacks? Not drug-related flashbacks, but just very vivid moments when you completely relive 2 or 3 seconds of your life? For example, for absolutely no reason, I was just sitting here at my computer working on my new theater stuff and I suddenly remembered this guy I used to work with named Ron. Ron was a stoner-type guy, who(m?) at 19, was already rocking a beer gut (don't you HATE that song?) and took pride in the fact that he hadn't brushed his teeth in 10 years. Yes, I said TOOK PRIDE in that fact. The funny thing was, once you got past the odor and the gruffness, he was a really decent guy! I never understood why he wouldn't brush his teeth.

Anywho, Ron has nothing to do with what I am going to write about today, I just felt compelled to share that. I wanted to update you on my life. It seems I had some sort of Matrix-like glitch where almost all things bad have been reversed. Our sanctuary didn't receive as much damage as we first thought. It doesn't have to be torn down and the company at fault isn't even making the church pay out of pocket, they are taking the invoices as they come and paying them outright. This means that we can ask for our furniture. In fact....someone from the church is picking up our loveseat on FRIDAY!!!!! We don't even have to pick it up (it's an hour away). We may not get all of our requests, but they have approved a few of them. Whoo hoo.

Then I got an email from the person who hired/fired me and she asked me to hold off a few more days on my job search because she is fighting the system to try to bring me onboard. She wholeheartedly admits she may be running at windmills, but she really wants me on her team. That made me feel better at least.

And lastly, I have started working on the new theater program. It's funny, I have been on the ground floor of 4 theaters now. One is still-going and very successful, one shut down within the first year, mine I shut down because I hated being the boss of adults and now this one. I have this negative track that runs in my head telling myself that I can't believe I'm doing this. That I am not qualified or that I don't have the intelligence to do this well. And yet, there I was sitting in the meeting to discuss how we were going to structure this new company and I did know what I was talking about. I knew the legal issues. I knew the physical structure needs. I knew technical advertising stuff. The people just kept looking at me and telling me how glad they were that they found me. I kind of surprised myself. Now I just have to convince myself I am qualified to produce a real-live stage production for money paying people. OH ASSASSIN!! Can you help me out?

Anywho, both Wide Lawns and FreeDragon were passing on their good karma through their blogs so I am going to continue the trend. I am sending you all the warm, gooshy positiveness I can. I hope the Anon who lost their air-conditioning goes to a cooling center. I lived in Houston for 6 years, I KNOW that heat! Stay safe. I'm off to scrub my house while my little puppy is at the vet getting neutered. He's doing okay as well. We're working with him and now that our house is quiet, he's responding fairly well. We still have a long way to go, but we love him.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

You'll Never Believe Me

So, since moving here, my daughter has gotten strep; I've had an ovarian cyst rupture; my car tire had a nail in it; my Hubby's car tire had a nail in it; our street flooded and formed a HUGE sink hole (big enough to eat a car); we adopted a raptor with issues and NOW....NOW...we had to evacuate our church!

Yes, in the middle of the service we had to evacuate our church. I wish I could tell you why, but amazingly enough, we weren't the only southern church evacuated so I can keep my anonymity if I don't state the reason. I can only tell you everyone is safe and sound, but there is a very real possibility we will not
have a sanctuary until we build a new one. Amazing. Never a dull moment.

For those of you who like to read this blog because I appear to have some pyschic prowess, here's something for you. When Susan Smith drowned her children, I stated during her tearful press-conference that she had murdered her children. Turned out I was right. When the Federal Building in Oklahoma blew up, I told Hubby that they would find out it was done by a person who was part of a homegrown militia. I even told him the guy was probably from Michigan because I actually knew some of those nuts. I was right.

Well, ever since my collision with Elise, anytime I see something pop-up that says serial killer, it catches my eye. I came across a yahoo article about a serial killer in Rocky Mount, NC. Here's my prediction: they are going to discover the murderer is either a law enforcement person OR the killer is pretending to be a cop and has a car that looks like an undercover car. I have no tie to this case. I know nothing more than what I read in the article. I am not from there, nor is this case connected to Elise. My gut is just telling me this. I realize there is a very real possibility that I am wrong, in which case I will have publicly made a fool of myself and lost some of my credibility. But that's okay. I have said from the beginning I don't think I am psychic. I just thought I would put it out there.

Also, I am going to visit my mom for a few days. I won't be posting but I will be accessible via email and FB. Ciao!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Finally!!! I have found the one surly and mean person in CountryTime. I was truly starting to believe I lived in a Twilight Zone state of existence where everyone was programmed by some far-reaching Oz-like creature to keep me in the constant grip of niceness.

Last week Hubby preached on the line from the Lord's Prayer that said "Lead us not into temptation." Now, I hate to admit it, but normally I am zoning off in my head, making a grocery list or trying to remember lyrics to all the musicals I have ever been in during my husband's sermons. I can't help it. His sermons are so lofty for a little non-church person like myself. Anywho, I TRIED to listen last week as he talked about temptation being more of a human thing than a God thing. Kind of like we make our own choice to make bad choices, God doesn't put them in our path.

So....I am the pastor's wife and I try to be a good person. Really, I do. Today I went to our local grocery store and got about $100.00 worth of things. When I got home, there was a $10.00 pack of chicken that I did not buy mixed into my things. It was obviously accidentally placed there by the bagger from the person in line ahead of me. What to do? It wasn't my mistake. They made the mistake. And it was pouring rain. Why should I take it back?

Well, I decided I should take it back because I am a person who has a horribly controlling conscience and understand that by not returning the chicken, I was adding to the high rising costs of food. Plus, I didn't pay for it so in essence I was stealing it if I kept it. AND...Hubby did do that sermon...

So, I got in my car, drove through the pouring rain and took the chicken back. Now I wasn't expecting a parade or for the checker to jump up and down in ecstasy, shouting to the rooftops that I had done the right thing. But I didn't expect the eyeroll and the giant "HUFF" she gave me when I told her what had happened. She took the chicken, turned on her heels, and without a thank you she walked away. So much for trying to do the right thing.

I was going to ask what you would have done, but I suspect I would just get a whole bunch of comments saying I should have kept the stupid chicken. Lesson learned.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

17 Pounds of Vicious Attack Dog and Other Updates

Hello all. Sorry I have been absent. I have been teaching a summer camp, training for my new job working with developmentally challenged toddlers and our house has been filled with workmen for over 10 days now. It's been a little crazy here, but I wanted to catch you up on what's been happening with my life.

First, my mom spiraled down again to a dangerous place. Her GP feels that her Prozac(which she has been taking for 10 years) has stopped working for her so they have changed her to Cymbalta. Hopefully she'll get some relief because her anxiety has been so high that I could see it on her face via our Skype conversations.

My 40 by 40 Journey is going slowly but well. I have lost 2 pounds (those snowcones were killing me!) and we have put $125 into our vacation fund. Sadly, my guitar is still lonely, but I expected that until E goes back to school. So I feel good about my progress.

But what I really want to write about today is the raptor. And I wish I were kidding about the raptor, but I am not. Our part Jack Russell, maybe part chihuahua, maybe part whippet, young SPCA dog is just a lot insane. He has no sense of personal space or how to control his super powers because he will come in from outside, take a gigantic bounding leap and clear the couch to land on E's head. He constantly needs to play even though we take him for two walks a day and he follows us around, nipping at Hubby's feet. We have to stuff a Kong with stewed carrots just to get a break. But all of this is fine with us and things we can work with. It is the Vicious Killer Attack Dog part of him that concerns us.

As I said, we have been having workers in and outside of our house for a while now. This is how we have discovered that he doesn't like men....especially men carrying anything in their hands. The poor contractor in charge of our house repair had to shut the door in Eddie's face to prevent an attack. Eddie will charge anyone or anything that he feels threatened, other dogs, pants hanging on a hanger! It's pretty bad. He even threw his body between me and Hubby when Hubby dared to enter the room with a knife in his hand. There was no way Eddie was letting Hubby stab me! He has even growled and snapped at E twice when she tried to pick him up. Now the obvious solution to that problem is that she has stopped picking him up.

But I am very concerned about his aggressive behavior. I don't feel that he would attack me, E or Hubby, but everyone else seems to be fair game. He is getting neutered in two weeks, so I hope that helps. If it doesn't I will be consulting my friend who is a dog trainer. So no worries, we are not getting rid of him. We love him too much. I just wish I knew what happened to him in his former life.

Lastly, I have to end with a story about a man I met last weekend. Our church was having a yard sale and this 70ish, well-coiffed gay man was telling me about his two poodles. One was 5 or 6 pounds and white with a bad temper whom he called Elvira. The other was larger, all black and loved everyone. Her name was Boom-boom. Well Boom Boom was going blind so he told me everyone had suggested he change her name to Stevie Wonder. He said this to me, expecting me to laugh. When I didn't, he tried to change the subject by saying, "You know what my two favorite things in the world are? (lifts one hand and sqooshes a ball in the air) Yard Sales and (lifts other hand and squooshes) Chorus Groups. My two favorite things, I don't know what I love more!" And then he swished away. I was left wondering what the hell had just taken place. But that's CountryTime for you. Home of the killer raptor and racist older gay men.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

One More Thing

A comment Painted Lady left made me think of something I should have added to my hurricane story. During my many experiences with storm surge, week-long power outages and filth from debris, I learned to greatly appreciate the National Guard and the Red Cross. I was sleeping on the island with no power and my windows wide open but never once had to worry that someone was going to loot the apartment below or break into my house because the National Guard is just that damn good! So kudos to them and their families.

Also, the Red Cross feeding truck takes the place of the ice cream truck for adults facing disaster. You spend your whole day filthy, dirty and smelly and dread the thought of going home to open another can of cold beanie weanies because you don't have power to cook. But then, just when you are at your lowest, you hear this voice on a loudspeaker come out from a truck where you can go and get a hot cooked meal for free (which is important since you aren't working because you are fixing your home.) I hope to one day be a Red Cross volunteer and travel across the country to pay them back for all the times they have helped us.

So Painted Lady, hang in there. Take it one day at a time and know that there are people who will help Louisville and that no matter how bad it seems right now, you WILL get to the other side. Even if it doesn't feel like it.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Forty or Bust

In 8 months I will be forty years old. In 8 months I will also be celebrating my 15th wedding anniversary. It seemed like only yesterday I was a twenty-something watching "When Harry Met Sally" listening to Meg Ryan bemoaning the fact that she was going to be forty. When Billy Crystal asked when, she replies "Someday!" I thought that was so funny...then. But now forty is barreling down on me and I am feeling the need to make a change and cross off a major and not so major player on my bucket list. I wasn't going to post about this, but, out of the blue, my brother's name was in the comics today and it made me think about all he missed out on by taking his own life. I don't want to get to 60 and still be dreaming about these things that I have been dreaming about for years.

First and foremost, I want to lose 40 pounds in the next 8 months. I'm calling it my 40 by 40 journey. I have been very honest about my food addiction and weight problems and I have PCOS. My PCOS is so bad, in fact, that I had an ovarian cyst rupture on the Fourth of July. Talk about seeing fireworks! So saying this out loud is very scary. But I feel sometimes like I lean on my PCOS like a crutch. I know it makes it so much more difficult to lose weight, so I always have an excuse for why I am not. But today, blog-world, I am taking away my excuse. I am going turn over a new leaf and try again, good or bad, to lose weight. This blog is not going to become about my weight loss adventure, but I will, from time to time update you on how I am doing. I feel like if I have a hundred strangers or so holding me accountable, I might be less willing to justify having a snow cone as often as I have been (the snow cone shack is SO close!)

Next, I want to play one song on my guitar in church by my fortieth birthday. I don't care if it is the simplest hymn in the world, I want to play something! I haven't been able to pick up my guitar this summer since I have my daughter with me all the time, but she goes back to school in 2 weeks and I am going to make sure to make time to learn. Plus the director of the Arts Council and I were talking about bartering for my time. E wants to learn to play the violin, so instead of them paying me, thay may do a service exchange for me with the violin and guitar teacher. It would be a very even trade considering how expensive lessons are.

Lastly, I want to go to Santa Fe with my husband for our anniversary and my birthday, just the 2 of us, no E! I have wanted to go to Santa Fe ever since I visited it when I was 5 years old. It has been a dream for so long that it is a part of me and every time I see Santa Fe on the tv, I stop and just stare longingly at the pictures. We've never before been able to even contemplate going because of money and the extreme distance, but I am determined to make it. If I have to eat nothing but beans and rice for the next 8 months, I am going to put enough money away to get to Santa Fe!

So there you have it. For those of you who live comfortably and exercise properly and are musically gifted, you may be scoffing at me right now. "Those are her dreams? HA!" But they are. This is what I want. I want my next 40 years to be better than my first 40 years.

I wanted to update you on my dog. He went to the vet on Monday and got a slew of medicines. He is slowly getting better and the better he feels, the more the "raptor" returns. He is playing again and making my daughter laugh harder than she has since our move, so he is well worth the money spent to cure him. I am sorry I can't post pictures of him here, Bubblewench. Friend me on FB and you can see him there.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

In Honor of Hurricane Season

Now I know some of you are looking at the title and thinking "Ummm...LIMW....hurricane season started in June." Some of you who are lucky enough to live way out of the reach of hurricanes are probably thinking "Hurricanes have a season?" So yes, hurricanes do have a season and officially it runs from June 1st to Dec. 1st. But realistically it is not until the months of August and September that things really get rolling. So, since we are well into August I have decided to tell you one of my funny hurricane stories.

Now you have to understand, I have lived through 19 hurricanes. And when I say lived through, I mean the eye of the storm rolled by me either directly overhead or within a thirty mile radius. The worst I have ever been through was a Cat 4. I even went to an outdoor concert during a Category 1 hurricane. I am a hurricane pro. But I wasn't always. Hubby and I were living in the interior part of our state when we decided we hated our jobs, hated the area and just had to make a change. So, after a romantic weekend getaway to a coastal town, we decided to just up and move to the island right near said coastal town. We had no apartment, no family there and no jobs. I was only 26 then so I got a job waiting tables at a marina restaurant to get money flowing immediately. We moved into an apartment on the second floor of an old house 4 blocks from the beach and fell asleep every night with our windows open and the sound of the ocean lulling us to sleep. It was bliss.

But there is always a price to pay for such pleasure. I actually enjoyed my job at the restaurant. The owner was a crusty old fisherman who would call you a bitch as quick as he would compliment you, but we got along because it was all out in the open. I was one of the older employees and one of only two people who worked there who actually lived on the island so I got called in a lot since I was so close. I worked a lot but played a lot, too. It wasn't until midsummer that reality roared in. Our island was hit by a Cat. 1 hurricane. Luckily it didn't make a direct hit and the northeast quadrant was above us. We weathered the storm just fine and I was back at work the next day.

But the first storm set us up for devastation. It was so easy. It was a whole bunch of preparation and hoopla for just a little wind and rain. So three or four weeks later, when another hurricane was predicted to make a direct hit, no one worked quite as hard or prepared quite as well. That included the people who worked at the restaurant...the restaurant that was ON PILINGS over the water. The boss left cash in the cash drawer, we piled the chairs up and tied them down, but not tightly, more of just an easy lashing kind of knot. The cooks left the grease in the fryers and the fish in the freezer. We all went to the safety of our homes to wait out the storm.

The storm tricked us all. It came in on a lunar high tide and made a direct hit. We were whipped by tornadoes and gusting winds, torrential rain and an incredibly high storm surge thanks to the lunar high tide. We had a good-old fashioned Category 3 on our hands. I still remember taking my dog out to pee during the brief period the eye was passing over just amazed at all of the devastation. We had evacuated off the island, thankfully. Entire trees were pulled up by their roots, electric lines were down everywhere and entire roofs were blown off.

It took several days for us to be allowed back on the island. Only residents were allowed back and when we got home, our apartment on the second floor was unscathed, but our neighbors porch was shoved into the window of the apartment below us. There was also a 4 foot waterline in the first-floor apartment and everything was ruined. I was lucky. We had no power and weren't allowed to drink the water, but I had a comfortable place to live and it was time to go check out the restaurant.

The restaurant looked as if it had been hit by a bomb. The chairs had become unlashed and blasted into the window of the interior dining room. The water line was 5 feet high and mold was already starting to grow. The freezer that had no that was a smell I will never forget. Old fish left in a hot, closed place is not a pleasant odor. But all of that was cleanable with man-power and bleach. What we hadn't expected was the flooding of the completely full fryers. The grease was everywhere. It was on the walls, on the floors, on the chairs. It was overwhelming. And since residents only were allowed on the island, it was just me and my boss who could clean it up. The lone other islander employee had an 86 year old mom to take care of and a lot of damage at home, so he was unavailable.

My boss and I tried everything to get the grease off. We used industial strength cleaners, SOS pads, vinegar...EVERYTHING. We didn't know what to do. Nothing was working. And it wasn't as if we could just run to the grocery store. Nothing was open! Finally, the other island employee stopped by just to see the damage and very flippantly, as if it was the simplest thing in the world, said "You need to get some Dawn. Dawn cuts grease." I remember my jaw dropping open and being just really enraged by his comment. How dare he mock me with an advertising slogan when I had spent 16 long hours trying to clean the damn muck off? But he said he wasn't kidding, went home and got his Dawn, took one rag and a small dollop of the liquid and proceeded to effortlessly clean an entire chair. Dawn cuts grease!! Who knew?

Once again I buckled down and almost single-handedly cleaned the entire restaurant with something as simple as Dawn. I just wish I had known to use it at the start of the process. So if anyone is Louisville, KY, is reading this and has been flooded and is feeling overwhelmed...crack out your Dawn because Dawn is some miraculous stuff!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

My First Faux Pas at Our New Church

You knew it had to happen. It was only a matter of time before I offended one or several people at our new church. Today was the day that it happened, not once but twice!

Our church service opens with a lay person doing the morning greeting and announcements. This person uses a hand-held mic because Hubby uses the around your head rock star mic. Well, Hubby was about to stand up to make an announcement in church but realized his power pack was turned off. As he stood up he made the unfortunate comment of "I better turn myself on here!" which completely tickled me and I burst out laughing. I got several glances, but managed to compose myself before too many people noticed.

But then the lay person started talking about the upcoming church yard sale. The lay person reminded people that this yard sale was meant to be a little more upscale and they didn't want any clothes. I was sitting next to a man who kind of giggled at that statement so, I, with my off-color sense of humor, piped up "What kind of church is this where clothes are optional?" Only I said it a little too loudly and one of the blue hairs in the pew in front of me turned around, scowled at me, and said a very loud "SHUSH!!" I was duly chastised and didn't say another word the rest of the service. But it was bound to happen!

On a worrisome note, my little SPCA dog seems to have developed kennel cough. Today being Sunday, no vets in CountryTime were open. I called our vet's emergency number but she told me not to come in until tomorrow since dogs don't die of kennel cough. But still, E is beside herself with worry and the poor little mutt feels miserable. I sure hope the vet is right!