Monday, July 20, 2009


I will return to the story of my dad tomorrow, but for today, can I just tell you....MY SUPERMOM AND SUPERWIFE POWERS HAVE FAILED!!!! Do you ever have one of those days where if you hear the word "Mommy" or "Honey" one more time you might just have to run screaming from the room with a burning hot spatula in your hand and high tail it out to the nearest interstate like the roadrunner when Wiley E. Coyote is chasing him (her), legs spinning like a whirling dervish?

I am weak people, WEAK!!!! Some woman are meant to be stay-at-home moms, some people are meant to be work full-time moms. Right now I am a "get me out of the house before I poke my eyes out" kind of mom. And I am tired of my Hubby being star of the show. There, I said it..I'm FREAKING tired of everyone asking me if HE likes it here.

Okay, that's my rant for the day. I am off to grocery shop!

Oh yeah, when the school year starts I will have two jobs. I will be a part-time Preschool teacher and also be the drama coordinator for a children's theater. Yay me. Then I will be a "work part-time so I can be a good wife and mom" type mom.


And yes...please read this tongue-in-cheek....mostly!


Green said...

Hey. I just wanted to ask how YOU are liking it in the new place? Have YOU met any people YOU would like to befriend? Have YOU found any places in the new town that make you happy?

Whoa. My word verification is "bless." Did you plan that somehow?

Jeannie said...

I used to send my kids to their rooms so I wouldn't kill them. Sometimes, I would go to mine.

My husband has always been the star of the show too. It gets old.

You likely appear very strong and together so people assume you don't have weaknesses. Silly people.

Anonymous said...

I think its part of this societies conditioning, always deferring to the male. As with other women who have a female child and feel invisible like a butler or wallpaper, how do you teach her different? Any ideas?

Bubblewench said...

Do you like it there? How's your Hubby like it? (OJ!)

Glad you have some work lined up, sound like it's just up your alley.