Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm sure I'm going to offend someone....

Now I know what I am about to say is me calling the pot black. I realize my blog holds numerous misspellings and grammatical errors. So I am just as guilty when it comes to what I am going to say. But I have a something I need to clear up.

For the record, someone "passes away", not "pasted away". They are not glued to death, the song is not "Paste Me Not, O Gentle Savior!" Someone in our church recently died and people were offering FB condolences and kept saying "I'm so sorry your loved one pasted away!" I have spent the past 24 hours singing "Pasting away in Margaritaville" because of this. Get it right, people!

And now for my big news...yesterday we adopted a very cute little Jack Russell mix (9 months old, housebroken and crate-trained) from the SPCA. I don't understand how someone could spend so much time and money on a dog and just turn it out, but I am glad they did this time. The dog we chose was hit by a car and ended up in the pound. He wasn't hurt too badly and we just fell in love with him. We have been looking for a dog for a while and since I now have 3 jobs, we thought it was time. Plus there are no kids on our block and E has been so lonely, we thought having a dog would help carry her through until school starts. And don't worry, just because I have 3 jobs, I will only be working 5 hours a day. The dog will not just be left in a crate all day long. I have to say though, I have never had a small dog and had no idea 17 pounds of pup coming at you full force could pack such a wallop!

Oh well, I'm off now to have a picnic dinner down by the water. My life is SO hard!


FreeDragon said...

I'm to look for your serial killer story. I'm down to like 3 mintues of computer time. I'm not ignoring you, I promise!

Anonymous said...

it's Free, reading from my work. I can't find the serial killer story! I'm afraid to sit and read b/c a boss may amble upstairs. What's the title of the post?

C said...

Ok so I don't want to nit pick at you but I wanted to point something out to you that used to annoy me, but now I've learned to live with it.

I listen to a podcast off NPR called A Way With Words, and an English teacher called in to ask about this particular quirk. He calls it "Magnolia Mouth," where an assistant at his school (in her late sixties) consistently writes emails about "test." Instead of writing that "I graded fifty tests" she always writes "fifty test." One test or two test, the plural was always written without the s. I cannot remember what they called it, but the explanation was that because it sounds like it's plural, it's written as plural.
So if this person writes "pasted" they could be pronouncing it as "past" and they just cannot see why it's wrong, because it sounds right when they read it to themselves.