Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I'm sitting here staring at my screen thinking I should update my blog. But how do you follow Elise's story? What can I say? It's weird. I never have nothing to write. But I am empty. So I will try to answer Gina's question from a while back. She asked why Christians are so afraid of the paranormal. Gina...I have no idea. I asked Hubby. He said he had no idea. But I have a thought or two.

First, I think that there are a lot of Christians out there like Hubby who don't put limits on what God can do. Those people are not afraid of the paranormal. In fact, it seems to add to their faith because it is beyond their comprehension, as they feel God should be.

Second, I think that the people who are so afraid of the paranormal have a real fear of the devil and think that anything they can't explain or that causes them fear comes from an evil place. I myself, although I believe in evil, do not believe in the devil, so maybe I am just full of it, but that's what I think. A lot of people tell me something is being caused by the devil, such as addictions and accidents, so maybe they just have a real fear. Other than that, I have no idea.

So if anyone has anything else they want me to write about, please help and give me an assignment. Things are just going too well in CountryTime. I have no angst from which to rant and rave! Lord help me, I might have to move!


Gina said...

Thanks for trying to answer. Religion is so full of unanswerable questions like that - I struggle a lot with things like that because while I do consider myself a Christian, I have many beliefs that don't quite fit in with many organized religions. I find myself feeling lost without it, and yet lost with it.

And I am in the same boat as you with having nothing to write about.

Terra Tenshi said...

It could also be that the good book is somewhat down on the paranormal as well. Though shalt not suffer a witch to live and believing in ghosts gives them power and all that.

As for things to write about:
How goes the job hunting/choosing?
How is the new church?
How are the new parishioners?
Have you heard anything from the old church since you left?
Did anyone from your old church follow you?
How is your ghost?