Friday, June 19, 2009

The Woman Scorned Returns

Guess who reared her ugly head? Take a minute, go read this and come on back for the follow-up. I'll wait. (If this link doesn't work, can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?)

This woman actually sent my husband a long email today. We haven't heard a peep from her since he told her to call her at home. In her email she said she "doesn't have the courage" to do that. But she sure had the courage to write him and berate him.

I'm just flabbergasted. It's been 15 years...FIFTEEN and she's still holding a grudge about the way they broke up. Not only is she holding a grudge about that, she's mad that he tried to apologize! In her email she talked about being hurt that he sent her an apology as a part of his Lenten observation. She was so bitter about that that she made it sound as if he was taking part in some sort of 12 step process. There have been many times when I felt that his calling was more of an addiction, but was just an apology. She has read so much into it.

Her letter states that if he really wants to make amends, he needs to call her and talk to her "in his own voice." Give me a frigging break! She just wants to have a chance to "hear" his voice. The sad thing is, this woman is married and has a really good career. She has an important job in the world of literature. If you google her, her name pops up over and over again. Someone has published a poem about her! She has a life...but now it seems, she wants mine.

I really despise people who try to play mental games. And that's what she's trying to do. I'm staying out of what my husband does about this. Really. I'm so mentally tired I can't add one more pebble to my load. But if push comes to shove, she's a tiny 5'0", 98 pounds-wet kind of girl looking at the face of a big red-neck Gretchen Wilson kind of girl. Do you remember Faith Hill's response to the fan who grabbed Tim McGraw's privates? That ain't nothing! Let me tell you!


Jeannie said...

I don't think he should have apologized at all. How could he have made a "good" breakup. She'd have been devastated however he'd done it whether sooner or later, in person or on the phone. The fact remains, she wasn't right for him and his first opportunity, he found a way to be free from her. He needs to forgive himself. And tell her she needs to forgive him and move on as he doesn't want further communication with her. He should no longer open emails and such.

FreeDragon said...

FIFTEEN YEARS! Gaah! Can we say obsession?

cbrks12 said...

I think that this woman must have opened some kind of mental door that she thinks your husband can close. You are right, you have too many things on your plate to handle this one now. After all, in 6 months when you are settled into a great place (faith!), she'll rear her silly head again and you can handle it then. The apology was made, it was obviously not accepted, and it is time for her to move on. And lack of contact (attention) will help that happen faster.

Anonymous said...

She sounds needy, self absorbed, and neurotic.

I know you are staying out of it, but I think it'd be great if could could let her know how much you pity her.

That'd frost her-


catherine said...

She is a control freak. Do not get sucked into her psycho world. Chances are she is having problems in her current relationship and has no one to blame but herself, so she focuses her wrath on your hubby and you. I would recommend sleeping with a knife under your pillow.

Bubblewench said...

She's a nutjob and I hope hubby realizes that and stays away from her.

Get over yourself woman. (her, not you)

Grumpy Housewife said...

Good Lord.

Fifteen years.

Then again, my husband's ex-girlfriend from, well, let's see...eighteen years ago? nineteen years ago? thought she was entitled to have all my husband's attention, even though she was married to her now ex-husband, and he was married to me.

When she blatantly flirted with him in front of me AND our daughter, that was the end of the road. I told him it was her or us, and he chose wisely.